Breaking news; Dr Willie Obiano Urges Christians to Heal Nigeria with Love at Easter seasons…

The Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has called on Nigerian Christians to heal the country with Love this Easter in commemoration of the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ to mankind as symbolized by the feast of Easter.

In an Easter Message delivered from the Governor’s Lodge in Amawbia, Governor Obiano observed that the country simmers with bitter politics, rancour and mutual suspicion which can only be healed by unconditional love and urged Christians to seize the opportunity offered by Easter to reach out and touch their fellow Nigerians with love.

According to him, “It has been repeatedly proven that true national integration is never forced upon the people by the political leadership but mostly by the little acts of love and kindness that are freely exchanged between the ordinary citizens of the country.

So, as true followers of Christ, Nigerian Christians should provide leadership in our country’s quest for peace; turning their swords into ploughshares in the truest traditions of Christianity,” he advised.

Governor Obiano further observed that in a country split asunder by growing ethnic and religious intolerance, Christians have a great opportunity to live out the creeds of their faith; showing their actual value through their work in response to the scriptural reminder that ‘faith without work is dead.’

“As Christians, we must let the light of Christ shine in us always; showing restraint when provoked, demonstrating tolerance when rejected and showing sacrificial love in the midst of hatred. Whenever we find ourselves at the crossroads of life, we must never fail to ask ourselves, ‘what would Christ have done if he were in our position?’ the governor further explained.

Governor Obiano also assured Ndi Anambra a peaceful Easter celebration, pointing out that he had just donated 40 utility trucks to the security agencies in the state as part of the elaborate plans by his administration to tighten the screws on security across Anambra State.

He called on Ndi Anambra at home and in the Diaspora to feel free to visit home to re-unite and celebrate Easter with their families and loved ones because Anambra remains Nigeria’s safest state.