In the history of men each generation is always endowed with few men of very distinguished characteristics. These men though mortals are gifted with lifestyles and abilities so adorably natured that their fellows see light in and through them. Such men are in religion example Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa etc,. They are in science and technology Albert Einstein, Philip Emeagwali even in literature we have Shakespeare, Achebe etc. These are a few of fields in life,the fact now is that as remarkable as they are so also is the distinguished landmark Prince Engr. Arthur Eze has made in philanthropy and business world. Prince Arthur Eze an oil mogul is a prince of Ukpo Dunukofia who has made unprecedented success in oil mining with company Oranto Petroleum. The remarkable success of Oranto Petroleum lies in its capacity as the biggest individual owed oil firm in Africa.

Prince Engr Arthur Eze, Ozoigbondu Nke Nigeria has for decades remains a man know all over the world for his hubby -philanthropy. Prince Arthur Eze is a selfless giver who has given beyond bounds. It is a fact that Prince Arthur Eze has never called a dinner party to raise funds for himself directly or indirectly.

For his love in supporting progressives and Ndigbo Prince Arthur Eze provided the money with which All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) was registered. He also ensure APGA got a national office in Abuja by paying off her rent.

Professionally not a politician Prince Arthur Eze generally remains the highest spender in every election year in Anambra just because of his cheer love to help. To him all men worth their aspirations so money should not stop you. In every election all who were able to gather resources to print posters will speedily come to Prince Arthur Eze and receive millions for support. Whether they make it or not does matter to him. For example Prince Arthur Eze in just concluded Anambra State governorship election is the only man who had given financial support to all major contenders in the election.
Eze Ukpo may your days be long and remain blessed.