Facts: Advice to all women as FIFA World Cup is coming closer. – Men Desk

*Our dear wives….The Fifa World Cup is close by.*
*for peace to prevail at home during this one
month, a few rules
1. The remote control belongs to men for the
whole month.
2. Tell all your friends not to give birth or wed or
die or whatever occasion during the World Cup
coz we won’t go.
3. You support the teams that we support.
4. No talking during the
game, wait for half-time or end of the game.
5. Repeats & highlights are as good as the main
match, so we will watch them as well
6. You can watch Telemundo, Eva or Zee World
provided actors and actresses are wearing
football jerseys and they are in Russia where the
world cup is played.
7. U don’t just pass in front of the tv if we are
watching soccer, u better crawl on the floor.
8. Make sure you don’t ask silly questions such as;
is this Chelsea versus England?
9. No funny faces to our friends
when they come to watch football.
10. Smile every time EXCEPT when
Our teams are losing.
11. All meals must be cooked and ready bfore every match.
Pls be the good wives u have always been by
following the rules.
Sincerely yours
Caring Husbands