Find out her password to Win Her Heart…The secret of every woman..

Yes it may not have one format, but every woman has a password.

Women are like palm tree, there is nothing useless about them, unless you lack the ” know how”

The road to process a gold is like hell on earth but to have a gold is like heaven on earth. ( That’s a woman)


√ Let your words be soft and gentle, never raise your voice on her..

√ The strength of most women are on their lips. Never raise your hands on her..
( They are the mother earth)

√ When you touch her Soul more than her body. She will give you her heart.

√ No woman will say “no” to you, when she discover that you want to bring out the best in her than to use her weakness against her.

√ Do not treat a woman like you did her a favour by loving her because it will reduce her value before your friends…

√ Carry her along in every activities of your life.
Because when a woman feels at home, she gives her heart. .

√ Never see two women as the same, because there is a difference between ” Panadol” and ” Pandol Extra”

√ Every woman feels on top of the world, when you involve her in your decision making, especially when you buy her ideas..

√ Do not project Sex, front your honest intention and win her heart first.

√ Pick every call before her and stop hiding your phone like ATM password.

√ When you’re open and honest to a woman, she has no option than to fall in love..

Boo Is A Win Win For You….

Love is an exchange of understanding, sacrifice, and patient.

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