Fmr. Gov. Peter Obi went to Ibuzo thenceforth to Ogwashi Ukwu for the 90th birthday of their traditional ruler, Prof. Chukwuka Okonjo, the father of the former Coordinating Minister for the Economy. Dr. Ngozika Okonjo-Iweala.

The revelation from one of her aides that apart from the Governor of Delta State, that my boss, Mr. Peter Obi was the only politician invited to the event left me engrossed in thoughts.

After attending the event, I doffed my cap for Dr. Ngozika Okonjo-Iweala as one of the few Nigerians whose education, enlightenment practical experience through travels and interaction with the world’s best are always reflected in her behaviour, carriage and the way she approaches reality.

Why did she not invite politicians? I do not know and can only surmise that their ostentatious display, arrogance, air of superiority and Epicurean propensity must have heightened in her the normal urge among the genuinely enlightened to avoid them like a plague.

I left the event with a copy of her book, “Fighting Corruption is Dangerous.” Unlike most books by economists, always written in dull, prosaic prose, Okonjo’s book is different. Written in florid prose, it revealed hidden truth about our country and is so readable that it tempts the tongue.

May I request wealthy Nigerians to invest in the mass publication of that book. The book shows us the length some people can go in playing with, and appropriating our common patrimony. Have you seen corruption fight bank when threatened? That is one of the reasons the book deserves to be in the shelf of every home in the country. She simply, in her own peculiar way, like one of my lecturers we used to call Mama Susu (Law of Torts) went behind the scene to tell us the problems with Nigeria from the vantage position of a principal participant in the daunting task of reforming Mr. irreformable.