Guys enjoy desperate girls too much nowadays. Is it a crime? Even a girl of 18 years is more desperate to get married than 35years old Chick. Even her mom chase out her to sex around to get a guy. why?

Guys take advantage of desperate girls, the guys enjoy free sex, food, loyalty, and less expenses while the girls are foolishly hoping to hopeless future marriage that can never come, some girls equally forces guys to pregnant them so as to catch him get married them but the guy will dump her like refuse due to her Conny, bad characters, and weaknesses, guys are wise and smart, now girls too much everywhere that even the married women are still searching for guys to satisfy their desires.
Girls who run into marriage out of frustrations and desperation are regretting and flirting like dogs because they have realized their mistakes and the guys is not in love with them. The girl enjoy the money with their side chick especially these jamb bites with nice shape that desperate to date big guys and very willing to snatch the guys from the older girls thereby the old girls are more frustrated nowadays.