Her Excellency, Mrs Ebele Obiano was giving alms to the homeless and the poor whites.

The Female Philanthropist of the Year… Most Charitable Wife of a Governor in Nigeria!

Over a 1000 Children with this mouth deformity were corrected via special surgeries sponsored by her NGO

Thousands of persons with physical deformity where given prosthetic limbs free of charge

She got thousands of women and vulnerable people trained on different skills and empowered

She built houses for many widows and provided shelter cum rehabilitation centre for people with mental disorder

This Christmas, she fed over 200 inmates at Amawbia, Ekwulobia and Onitsha Prisons (Correctional Facilities)

Even on her vacation in Houston, USA, she stepped out with her family to feed and clothe the homeless

Dr Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano deserves all the accolades she is getting for her charity works

All women and men alike should emulate her unique life of charity… She’s an ideal Role Model!