His Majesty, the #OoniofIfe, Ooni #AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi’s story of how he dropped his certificate and career in accountancy but Activating Success show with Love Idoko where the interview will be shown will air on AIT on Saturday, March 24, 2018 by 3:30pm

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#Television will witness another remarkable moment on Saturday, March 24th, 2018 by 3:30pm when his Majesty, the #OoniofIfe, Ooni #AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi’s story of how he dropped his certificate and career in accountancy to start trading in sugar and rice with traders at the local market in Ibadan, Oyo State and the South west will be aired on national television. He was a guest on #LoveIdoko’s television show, #ActivatingSuccess.
An average mind sees the king and assumes he was born to rule and had never had to make effort at success in his life but the monarch debunked all notions and practically took viewers on a journey of his life many are not privy to. It is true what they say that many waters has gone under the bridge.
Watching the monarch narrate his entrepreneurial journey, one is forced to assume the monarch would also do well as an international motivational speaker who doesn’t just talk but act the talk. No wonder the monarch described himself as the spokes monarch for the youths. He has a pressing inspirational message for the Nigerian youth.

While answering questions, the Yoruba monarch had these words as encouragement for the Nigerian youth and entrepreneurs:
“Anytime you put a solution forward money follows. Money doesn’t come before solutions. Solutions first then money follows.”
” There is nothing like failure. The more you attempt something, the more you gather experience . Keep trying. You have the solution. I am the spokes monarch for the youths.”
“No condition in life is permanent. It’s a phase. Keep trying. Make an effort. Come out of your comfort zone.”
“Say positive things to yourself. Speak to yourself. Tell yourself you can do it . Even if you failed today. Keep trying.”