There is a way you talk to a man he will listen to you and there is a way you can talk to him and he gets pissed off! No man can resist a woman who knows how to talk.

You ought to know how to get what you want from any man no matter how difficult or stingy he is. Just know how to talk to your husband/guy. Your marital/relationship crises will be over.

The reason why you may be experiencing broken courtship or marital delay is because you don’t know how to talk to a man.

You don’t talk to a man like a woman, you talk to a man like a man. He is a man, not a woman. Ladies let’s respect manhood please! (I don’t mean penis, I mean the state of being a man.)

Talk to a man with respect! Men chill on hearing “sir” and all his “giragira” goes down a bit.

Learn to approach a man with maturity. Men admire mature women.

Learn to bite your tongue when you are angry. Don’t shout at a man, they hate it!

If you want to collect something from your husband/guy, be praising him at least 2 days before (call it bribery, who cares?) Sing his praises and let him know how you can’t do without him and he is the most generous soul in the universe (even if he is not, your confession will one day become your reality. The Bible says we shall have whatsoever we say).

Talk to him logically. Men hate senseless, over emotional, stupid, irrelevant discussion.

Admire him a lot.

Correct in love.

Be feminine.

Learn to be gentle with a man even if you have a strong choleric nature like me. I have to learn how to be gentle (it is not easy. The Lord Jesus Himself had to help me. I am naturally an action pack, shaprapra man)!

Learn how to make a man laugh. love to make a man laugh, he just love it.

Be very humble. A humble heart reflects on a humble tongue.

Don’t be a YES woman who agrees with everything a man says especially when it is wrong and sinful; don’t be a quarrelsome woman either. Learn to say NO to what is wrong with dignity and maturity. You will earn his respect.

Be a wise woman.

I love you all