HRM Igwe Iweka, Obosi Salute working Gov. Willie is willing working at Obosi in Idemili North LGA.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone to Obosi this way… Na wa ooo!

As usual, the alert beeped that Gov Obiano of Anambra State will go on inspection tour to Idemili North local government area precisely to check the level of work at the Erosion Site along the Minaj-Barracks road.

I paused to think, “how would that horrible site look?” IDC IDC? Has this government paid enough money to rescue that very bad spot? Could it be right to visit that site now?

… all these went through my mind in a couple of seconds!

Then I continued to read the text… “the governor will also inspect level of work on group of roads connecting Onitsha, Obosi and Nkpor”

At this point, I jumped up exited and readied my Camera for an interesting adventure at Obosi. Yet skeptical about what will happen when we get there.

Why was I so worried?

Few months back, just before the November 18 gubernatorial election, a good portion of the Minaj-Barracks Road newly completed by the administration of Chief Willie Obiano caved in… got buried alongside other structures into a very horrible gully erosion.

It was a landslide, such you see in nations outside Africa… It was horrifying causing the people to weep!

The opposition instead of seeking for a solution or sympathizing with the people pounced on that opportunity to run down the government.

Being a leader with humane side, the governor was troubled. Not because of the senseless attacks from the opposition but becasue of the pains and suffering being experienced by the people affected by the rapidly encroaching erosion. You need to see the level of damage.

In a quick response, the governor visited the erosion, almost broke down in tears, he consoled the people and made a shocking promise…

“I will gather every available fund to fix this. We’ll recover all the lost land in a few months,” Gov Obiano assured.

Gbagaun, the opposition exoloded saying it is impossible; most of us in APGA imagined the ingenuity required to gather such funds amidst the raging recession; the people were left with no choice than to see the promise as a political statement.

Yes, many never believed anything will come out of that because Obosi has always had erosion challenges and many governments have come and gone without giving a single hope to the people.

That’s why I was worried?

These people that disbelieved the promise made prior to the election, how would they feel if the work isn’t completed?

The Obosi we know could react… you know what I mean?

To be on the safe side, I dressed in my jeans and trousers and jumped into the convoy for the inspection… with my hearts beating so fast!

After a smooth ride, we arrived Obosi and just after Minaj Station, the convoy stopped… “what, why, where are we?” No one answered!

Lo and behold, the erosion has vanished. The over 11km deep gully has disappeared… in fact the governor at this point was standing right on the supposed deepest point.

Waooo… Really? Could it be a dream?

Everyone was surprised, the governor had provided the necessary funds, IDC has done wonders… they didn’t just fill the gully and recover the lost land, IDC created a completely new road along the erosion channel. Wao!

The atmosphere was charged, we could hear chants by youthful voices coming from afar… the children, the women and the elderly including members of the Royal Cabinet, all beautifully dressed wearing smiles and singing praises to the Almighty Father for the gift of a listening governor.

Guess what, they were led by the respected Traditional Ruler of Obosi, HRM Igwe Chidubem Iweka.

What’s really happening? The erosion menace that had swallowed buildings and roads has been eliminated; more than 4 different roads connecting Obosi Urban to Nkpor and Onitsha have either been completed or nearing completion… the people are in a world above being Happy!

At this point, I felt like ordering a free bottle of choice drinks for everyone and straightaway, I reached for my pocket.

Kpam… I left my wallet at home. Why did I come to Obosi this way? Na wa ooo!!!