Husband warned and told his wife this, is he right or wrong? Read…

A man fines out that his wife do things alone without telling him rather she tells him after take decision and actions. The husband said this to her. Is it good?

Do you know the meaning of taken or asking for my permission before taken actions and taken decisions not acting before telling me?

Do you understand the implications for not seek or getting my approval and consent from me before doing some certain things after I married you and now that I’m married to you ?

Just continue your secret and stupid ways of life, actions and decisions.

Just be WARNED because one day you will know the meaning and realizes it, let me assume it wouldn’t be late for you to amend because you will regret know me or marrying I bet you. Never you again take important whether big or small decisions and actions without getting approval from me enhance forth. Before you become a stranger to me.

Advice them.

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