It is no longer news that Nigeria is deeply divided,first along religious lines and then tribal/ethnic lines. It will not be an exaggeration to say we are living on borrowed time in this country. The seed of discord and division has been planted and watered over the years and it is now being harvested.

One only needs to go through comments and opinions expressed on social media to see the sharp division that exists among us. What is even more worrisome is the fact that the youth who should be in the vanguard of uniting this country and changing things for the better have themselves become tools and agents of division and at the forefront of promoting ethno-religious intolerance in the country.

One is tempted to conclude that the prevailing hardship,unemployment,inequitable distribution of wealth,illiteracy and dearth of quality,sincere and competent leadership may be a major factor for the level of chaos,disunity and division we are currently witnessing as a nation.

Today we are faced with a government that continues to show little or no regards for federal character in its appointments and policies,this has in turn created an atmosphere of tension,suspicion,distrust,dissent and agitation,living the entire country in complete disarray. The APC led Federal government continues to show a lack of understanding and proper grasp of the complexities of managing a multi ethnic,multi religious and diverse country like Nigeria.

Today we are faced with a fading sense of patriotism and nationalism especially among the youth as it is becoming increasingly evident that the youth have given up on this country as can be seen in the many comments and opinions expressed both in print and social media. The hope for a better future,a better life,a better society,a better economy and a better country for our generation and generations unborn remains a mirage and a fading dream.

The country is gradually and surely drifting into complete chaos and anarchy,towards a point where the centre can no longer hold. We are getting to that point where things begin to fall apart,the point of a looming and impending disaster.

We must do all we can to avoid the dooms day and the impending dangers ahead,the Nigerian youth must realise that they have a lot to live for,we have a bright future ahead of us,we have a promising nation to manage to prosperity,to help reach its full potential and reposition to take its rightful position as driver of the African continent and the envy of the whole world.

We can only do this if we stop fighting each other and work together to take back our country from the hands of those who continue to profit from our disunity and division,from political merchants and their accomplices. We must begin to believe in ourselves and believe that a better,brighter and more prosperous future awaits us and so it behoves on all of us to play our part in ensuring that we turn the tide around.

The Nigerian youth must be in the vanguard of a socio-political revolution that will sweep away the current crop of recycled people that we have dotting the corridors of power today,the Nigeria youth must be in the vanguard of promoting a national rebirth,the Nigerian youth must shun rhetorics and show genuine belief and commitment in taking back our country and righting the wrongs and mistakes of our fathers. Nigeria is the only country we have,we must work selflessly to keep it undivided,united,prosperous and a nation we can all be proud of.

Arise O compatriots,Nigeria’s call,we must obey,the labour of our heroes past must never be in vain,we must renew our pledge to Nigeria our country,to be faithful,loyal and honest,to serve Nigeria with all our strength,to uphold her unity and defend her honour and glory ,so help us God. It is achievable.