“INEC’S RESULT DOES NOT REFLECT OUR VOTE” ~ Ndị Anambra Central cries out

The people of Anambra Central are the most hit and disappointed with the result of the 2019 general elections particularly, the senatorial election in the zone where the barely a year old Senator of the zone, Senator Dr Victor Umeh who worked assiduously to reposition the constituency from the slack suffered under some of the past representatives.

However, while mixed-feelings continue to trail the election, many have regretted that failure to return Senator Victor Umeh to the Senate is not only a rub-off of justice on the people of Anambra Central and a grave disappointment to the people of South East Nigeria whom are the greatest beneficiaries of the barely one year of the courageously, fearless Senator in the National Assembly.

Across the length and breadth of Anambra Central senatorial district, the people attest to the good deeds of Senator Victor Umeh, his humanitarian gestures that has changed the living condition of many and his transparency, efficiency and honesty in delivering unequivocal service to his people.

Described as matchless, Igbo people from all walks of life had urged the good people of Anambra Central not to do a disservice to the Igbo nation by failing to reelect Senator Umeh. A message clearly transmitted on many platforms including verbally, social media, print and electronic media; ndị Anambra Central could not have fallen to the antics of the opposition even in employing the help of various authorities and institutions either to persuade them or lure them into giving away their votes against the collective interest of the zone and that which is pertinent to the survival of ndi Igbo and APGA as a political party.

Notwithstanding, there were evidences of violence erupting at various polling locations which aught to have sent clear signals to the electoral umpire of a breach of orderliness in Anambra Central election, the INEC should not have gone forward to declare a winner in an election obviously marred by irregularities, fortification of figures and outright rigging of the election in question even when many had sent petitions to that effect.

Today, while thousands that had already benefited from the magnanimity of the Senator are in deep pains, the over 40 communities where Senator Victor Umeh’s 2018 projects are currently germinating and speedily rising towards completion are also in mourning for what many tagged conspiracy against the progress of Anambra Central and ndị Igbo, and the INEC’s inability to ensure FREE, FAIR and CREDIBLE election.

Consequent upon the alleged inefficiency of INEC in the particular election, many individuals and political parties had in compliance with Section 285 of Nigeria’s constitution approached the Election Tribunal which is the most suitable platform for addressing post election imbroglio. Example of such is the suit by the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Barr. Tony Chukwu-Elue seeking for the nullification of the exercise due to the unlawful exclusion of his party’s logo on the ballot.

The PDP and its presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Chief Peter Obi are also contesting the presidential election in court as a right granted by the Electoral Act made pursuant to same constitution.

Nevertheless, Senator Victor Umeh was not in hurry to challenge the result of the Anambra Central Senatorial Election and was reportedly unwilling to do so but for the incessant call by the people of Anambra Central who insisted that the result announced by INEC is not in conformity with their votes and the candidate so declared does not reflect nor represent the will of the people.

Some of the people were equally terrified with instances where card readers were set aside for manual and consequent rigging therewith. A ridiculous situation where number of votes recorded by INEC officials topples the amount of voters accredited and imperfect mutilation of result sheets.

Therefore, if Senator Victor Umeh feels unsatisfied with the obnoxious charade termed election in Anambra Central, he is at liberty to seek judicial interpretation likewise whoever so wishes, needless of the unnecessary panicking by agents of the erroneously declared winner of the said election.

That said, the question begging for answer is “if Uche Ekwunife and members of her team are confident of the certificate of return uncautiously bestowed on them by INEC, why the sudden jittery and outburst at the breaking of the news of the ensuing probe of the process?”

Until the proper answer is given for the question above, God is still saying something about Anambra Central.

It shall end in praise…

Ezesinachi Amansea