It’s worth celebrating as the SVUSG IDNLG inaugurated the SVUSG Abatete and Oraukwu Executives in Idemili North LGA. “Read What Odegba said’

It is so great during the inauguration ceremony of Oraukwu and Abatete SVUSG Executives Officers, all of them were so interested to work for the success and return of Senator Victor Umeh OFR, comes 2019.

Hon. Stanley Nkwoka SSA to Governor on environment host the people of Abatete SVUSG in his residence as he celebrate New yam festival. He expressed his joy to join and support the SVUSG in Idemili North saying that he will not relent to make his contribution and participations in every activities of SVUSG, while Hon. Stanley Nkwoka and Hon. Engr. Mike Chukwuma received an Honor presented to them by Hon. Eloka Emesi the SVUSG IDNLG coordinator, Hon. Engr. Mike Chukwuma thank the SVUSG IDNLG and those SVUSG Executives of Abatete for the recognition and trust given to them, that he will continue to play his role to make sure that Senator Victor Umeh OFR return back comes 2019.

Hon. Eloka Emesi address the Ambassadors to be steadfast in mobilizations of more members to join the group and get more uniform for them.

Hon Okeke Chinemelu Godwin Esq commend the efforts of the stakeholders and executives of SVUSG Oraukwu and Abatete for showing commitments to the course as well as encouraging them to pay more loyalty to their ward Ambassadors so that there will be a high level of understanding, peace and progress in return, as we all are working to support the mission of our principal, Senator Victor Umeh OFR to win.

Hon. Frances Mbanefo the SVUSG IDNLG Secretary confirmed all the names of the both wards before they were sworn in.

Our Capacity leader of Idemili North at National level. Chief Emeka Udodieme (Odegba) also the DG Campaign organization Senator Victor Umeh for second term was present during the inauguration ceremonies of the both wards SVUSG Executives were he made significant remarks to encourage all the Ambassadors and Executives for their contributions to build the SVUSG IDNLG particularly in their various ward. He explained reasons while Senator Victor Umeh will be returning back to the Red Chamber comes 2019, this is base on Senator’s contributions to the welfare schemes and infrastructural development, our Senator is putting in place at various wards through his present and future scholarship, empowerments, social welfare schemes etc.

Hon. Ernest Enewa thank all the Executives of SVUSG in the two wards as the were so happy during the inauguration ceremonies.

Reporting from my Desk:

Hon. Prince Okeke Chinemelu Godwin Esq. Director Media and publicity matters for SVUSG IDNLG.