Lets Celebrate him: Happy Birthday to illustrious Son of Idemili North, Capacity Ifeanyi Chiekwu “money man” more Grace upon you.

Yes, it is possible, he is a man with good heart, may God grant you peace of mind and, your heart desires as you celebrate your birthday today.

More Grace to be a leader and a servant to the people as God will fulfill his promises upon you to achieve your plans towards your mission to represent the good people of Idemili North at Anambra State House of Assembly state constituency soon….

It is clear that our APGA party members has determined to follow you and support your candidature during the primary election that is coming up soon, to prove that you are capable and qualified to represent them so as to protect their interests and attract more benefits such infrastructural developments, educational empowerments, social amenities, and economic developments to build the youths and people of Idemili north circle because we need a leader who can bring transformation and empowerments to the grassroots roots that’s why we say….


Happy Birthday to you, Remain Blessed.