Marriage is full of forgiveness and patient.

Another person go do you back.
Good evening MA, pls hide my I’d I’m 22yrs old since I grew up I have dated like two Guy’s one is married but still young and takes good care of me while the other (single) guy don’t care for me but his wife calls me on phone always and threatens me she even want to divorce with the husband bcus of me I want to leave this guy but he Cry’s each time I tell him not to call me again despite the fact they have argument in the house bcus of me he still don’t want to leave me. He’s the one taking care of me paying my school fees in the university and I don’t have another guy aside from him, I shunned the other guy bcus he’s not taking care of me now I don’t know what to do is it to leave this guy and become a dropout or should I continue with him. I your advice pls