Women are the most beautiful creatures but they fail to obey the men thinking that men will pardon them rather some men will abandon a disobedient woman for another. Some men complained too much about weight of the woman why they refuse to refuse it.

That your husband is talking, persuading or even complaining about the too much weight that you have added does not make him carnal or an unbeliever. The man is still very much Born again and tongue-talking. Lolzz You know how people would want to use scriptures to manipulate others.
Just do what is needed to be done and come back to shape that’s all. You may have heard that only God looks at the inward, but that man looks at the outward, that statement is perfectly true. Don’t be looking like a bag of garri with saggy everywhere, claiming there is nothing you could have done about it.
The joy of a man is to please his Lord, and the joy of the wife should also be to please her lord; the husband. If you don’t please him, many are waiting outside to help you do it. The point is, don’t expose your marriage to undue external influences, when your husband complains about something, try and do something about it.

Most men are not natural talkers, but if he keeps talking about a particular thing and in this case your weight, madam please do something about it. That your husband is spiritual and speaks in tongues does not remove his instincts as a man. Help him to help himself.

Better rethink.