In 2011, Australian ex-model, mining engineer, humanitarian, athlete and author, Turia Pitt, suffered burns to 65% of her body and had all fingers on her right hand and two fingers on her left hand amputated and spent five months in hospital after she was trapped by a grassfire in a 100-kilometre ultra-marathon in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

In light of the event, her boyfriend, Michael Hoskin, decided to quit his job to care for her recovery.

Though she survived, Turia was never the same again as her once beautiful skin now looked charred.

When Michael was asked whether at any moment he thought of leaving her and hiring someone to take care of her and moving on with his life, he replied:

“I married her soul, her character, and she’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.”

True to his words, Michael proposed to her and they got engaged on July 21, 2015, three days before her 28th birthday.

They announced on July 21, 2017, that they were expecting a boy and on December 7, 2017, they welcomed their son, Hakavai Hoskin.

With her lover’s support, Turia was named the New South Wales Premier’s Award for Woman of the Year in 2014, a finalist for Young Australian of the Year, a finalist for Australian of the Year and was also the NSW Finalist for Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2016.

Now, the particular question is, if the person you love today encounters an incident or accident that transforms who they are physically beyond recognition, would you stay?

If the person you love lost all their money, their beauty, their limbs, would your love stay unchanged?

If that woman you’re so crazy about, faced burns like these, would you still love her?

If he lost all his money, his cars, his house, would you still love him?

And finally, you yourself; do you have a soul worth falling in love with? Because there is a love somewhere. #HistoryVille #MondayMotivation