Fmr Governor of Anambra State Peter Obi meets with USA Speaker for more clarifications on the 2018 way forward.

In June, 2017, Mr. Peter Obi and the current Speaker of the USA House of Representatives, Mr. Paul Ryan met in the USA.
Eight months after, Just this week, they met again in the USA.
Apart from statement issued about the visit, we are left to continue guessing the subject matter of their meetings as I was not allowed into the meeting even though I travelled with him.

HE assured me that it was about the progress and development of our dear country, Nigeria.
As we watch both pictures we ask ourselves, if Ryan would be meeting with Oga so freely if he did not do well in office as a public servant.
While we rejoice and see such meetings as Obi’s gradual ascent into the comity of world leaders, let me observe that it was yet another item in a hundred irritations that usually drive the wicked ones into renewed, jealousy-induced fight against him.
The “ascent into the comity of world leaders” should not be misconstrued that I said he had become a world leader, this clarification is necessary because even if he has become one, it is not me that will say it.

With God all things are possible.