My open letter to the Governor of Anambra State. His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano (Ebubedike Aguleri)

Noble greetings to you my Governor, it’ s an honor to write to you and a much greater honor to associate with you.
It is very inspiring to see you are hitting the ground running at full throttle after the euphoria of your electoral victory and your swearing-In.

I sincerely pray the momentum will be sustained and will surpass past achievements.

His Excellency Sir, as a man of vision you are, a man of determination and big heart, I wish to bring to your attention some vital and fundamental needs of Anambra State.

Anambra State is a very important and strategic State, not just for the people of Nigeria or Africa, but for humanity as a whole.

Anambra State houses an incredible pool of great human resources that have proved and have continually to prove their immense indefatigable worth of their human capacity all across the globe.

Thus, a State with such human gold mine should never be left in the hands of mediocre leaders, but should be given the best possible form of leadership.

A leadership capable of harnessing both the materials and human capital resources in the State to attain an optimal fulfillment.

Sir, gold is mined from the deep and passes through the crucible to become a highly priced and valued metal.

Anambra State is deep, Anambra State is a goldmine waiting to be deeply mined so as to exhume her glorious riches.

To extract the gold from the core of Anambra State, requires a leader with great tactics and a leader who has the keen eye to see the end from the beginning.

A leader who can see the deep, extract the deep and bring the deep to the surface in the awe of all and to the marvel of the beauty that came out from the deep.

His Excellency Sir, providence has placed you in a position to assist in bringing out to fruition the totality of the inert potentials and beauty imbedded in the core of Anambra State and to help elevate Anambra State to an enviable status in the domain of successful statehood.

Certain fundamental infrastructures and certain socio-cultural refinement are needed to help shape up the State in the direction we all aspire Anambra State to get to as a fully developed State.

Sir it takes guts and strong will to embark on massive development of the State, and I pray you won’t look back in your quest to make Anambra State a star state.

Sir amongst many vital needs, the basic infrastructures that propels fundamental developments are my very concerns.

Roads – It’s on record that Anambra State has one of the best State road networks and interlinks within the country.

The existing roads are maintained, while many new roads are currently being built. I thank you in your efforts so far on the state of roads construction/reconstruction in Anambra State and the current decongestion of the state roads by dismantling unauthorized structures and encroached stalls on the road. However, more needs to be done.

Anambra roads needs to be opened up and widened.

Anambra State needs more dualized roads.

The roads are becoming more and more narrow as the State population increases. Most State roads are single lanes and requires urgent upgrades.

From Ifite within the State capital to Nise, Okpuno, Nnobi , Igbariam, Igboukwu, Achalla, Works, Nnewi, Orumba axis, Ezukalla, Enugu-Ukwu etc are all single lane roads and they are all very important routes. Except for the Federal roads, only the likes of Ekwueme road that is spaciously dualized.

Sir, if you can doggedly map out a scheme for the construction and upgrades of those roads and other roads to be a dualized road, posterity will never forget you. Even if your administration will not and may not complete the massive work involved, please kindly propel a law that will promote the dualization of ALL ROADS and a law that will publicly map out the portions of lands that will be attached to the newly dualized roads to avoid any future contention by the locals during the dualization project.

Sir, it will take guts and extreme strength to embark on the demolition and compensation of structures both legal and illegal ones along the roads in-other to widen and dualize those roads.

This is one of my major reason of writing to you, that you should go ahead without fear or favour and execute the dualization of Anambra roads. Sir I know you as a man with a heart of steel. You can excellently do it and with the assistance of Public Private Partnership to dualize all our roads with a toll concession of “X” number of years.

The road dualization will create massive employment within the duration of years of construction, the State government will benefit immensely with the concession tolls and high marginal internally generated revenue IGR. It will propel development and civilization within the State.

Yes land mass is limited in our dear State but with appropriate redesigning of our roads, by highly competent Structural engineers and stiffer regulations, we will be able to upgrade all aforementioned single lanes to dualized broad lanes. Please Sir, open up our roads, widen up the roads. The earlier it is done, the better and the easier it is than when the whole place is all built up and populated.

Pedestrians pathways, my able Governor sir, there are no pedestrians walk ways all round the State. The only pedestal walk ways are the ones along the Kenneth Dike library, again the Ekuweme square road and some dilapidated pedestrian paths in Onitsha. No other place have a properly planned pedestal walk ways constructed in our dear State.

Our children and other humans are exposed to the risk of being hit as the walk along the roads. Our roads are without walk ways, our roads have zero safety levels for its foot users. A long stretch of road such as the Aaroma to Kwata axis ought to have safe properly constructed walk ways.

Sir a single legislation can change this. Just a word from you, that all roads with high human pedestal traffic MUST have a safe pedestrian walk way.

The Pedestrian walk ways is a prerogative for human safety, and Ndi Anambra deserves to be safe as they walk along the roads.

His Excellency Sir, just speak the words and I assure you walk ways will spring forth at the sides of all our roads.

Thank you Sir for the street lights, you have changed the night life of Anamberians with your massive urban and rural street light installations. You have increased the safety and security on our streets and our roads.

Electricity and State Power ; “ And God said, Let there be Light” this is the most powerful statement issued by God Almighty.

Our creator knew the power that comes with light. That without light, nothing can be achieved.

His Excellency Sir, as a State with great industrial minds and manufacturing clusters, it is now imperative that the State should have its own Reliable Power Source.

To catapult Anambra to that domain we aspire her to attain, we must start thinking in the line of developing , maintaining and running our own Power generation. Without adequate and reliable power system, we can’t advance as a technological and industrial driven State.

Sir, Ndi Anambra are highly industrious and inventive people, which you know is our greatest strength. Therefore, we need your highest help and cooperation in this sector. If Anambra gets it right in this sector, she will get every other thing right. Sir we should reduce our dependency on the National grid and start looking inwards.

This can be done in many ways, but your support and your might is highly needed.

The State government should strategically source and invite retired foreign expatriates /engineers who served in power utility companies overseas in countries with successful power distribution system to come down to Anambra State to help run the electricity research centers that will be built by the State government and other private individuals.

Sir, why I mentioned veterans from the power industry, they are thoroughly trained professionals and experienced personnel’s in that field who are devotedly willing to give their all and transfer the backlog of technological skills they have acquired to our own young engineers.

The government and people of Anambra State has the capacity of setting up a powerful Research Center solely for the purpose of developing a State owned power production plant and other alternative power source.

The Research Center will be a compulsory hub for the engineering students of all academic institutions within Anambra State. Sir, I know the power of a child’s dream, I know the power of the unrestricted imaginative aspirations of the young minds. I know the power of gathering young engineering students under the supervision of a highly technical engineering supervisor. What those young minds can produce if only the have a platform such as a research center, will be a mind blowing product. Sir please help Anambra with an Electricity Power Research Center and watch her develop her own electricity power plant in ten years. As a state, we need to utilize and benefit from the abundant engineers and scientist from Anambra State.

Sir, If there’s one thing you should do for the young Anambarians, it is to help with the establishment of a research center and releasing of funds for the smooth running of the center. If the N20million naira per community project fund was sunk into a research center, the benefit of that center will be too numerous to mention and will be visible for ages to come.

In as much as this is more likely to be powered by cooperate public individuals, government intervention and particularly your involvement will go a long way in the reality of an electrical research center. Sir, it can be done, it’s time we start thinking like the developed world. We can do it, it is time to do it. It only requires your strong will and the perseverance of the government and people of Anambra State under your administration.

My own Governor, the Peoples Governor, the cultural Governor, the Governor with styles and class, permit me to flatter you with a little flattery words. How do I whisper to you nor sings songs that will call your attention to a pressing need of Ndi Anambra? Sir, how do I convince you that we need a very essential utility. How do I tell you that we need trains in our State. Yes Sir we need trains. We need high speed trains, we need metropolitan trains and cargo trains within Anambra State.

Yes our State is compacted, yes our land mass may hinder bogus infrastructures, yes the Federal rail line may not cross our State, we should not fold our arms at the reality of the times.

Tokoyo Japan is relatively the size of Anambra State, with restricted landmass also, they have developed their rail system to a level of wonder. Rapid rail system and Light rail network is achievable in our darling State.

The Lagos State model is a benchmark, and I give big kudos to the Government and People of Lagos State. Sir, it is known that Ex Gov Lateef Jakande of the Second Republic (1983) initiated the Lagos rail system, which he couldn’t have finished. Senator Bola Tinubu continued in realization of the rail project and handed it over to Gov Babatunde Fashola who took it to a level, making it impossible for any in-coming government to ever think of abandoning the rail project. Governor Ambode is currently racing with the modernization and concretization of the Lagos metropolitan rail system that was started about thirty years ago. Government is continuum, Alahaji Lateef Jakande took the bull by the horns in initiating such gigantic fundamental project for the Lagos people. Our own Akpokue Dike His Excellency the Executive Governor of Anambra State is capable of sprouting Anambra’s own rail system. There’s a growing population in the State. Ndi Anambra are trooping back, they are heeding to your call of “ Aku luo uno,Think-Home”. By virtue of logical statistics, in the near future, there will be congestion in the State if we don’t start thinking of viable solutions now. You’re a man of giant strides and I know you will start a rail project before you leave the State House.

Sir if I could give you a thousand gun salutes, I would have given you and Thank you for the International Cargo Airport you are currently constructing in Umueri. These are magnificent projects that should be synonymous with the Greater Anambra. Thank you sir, however, I wish to bring to your notice a very horrible sad tale about the “Aborted Oba Airport”.

His Excellency Sir, I’m a proud son of Oba in Idemili South LGA of our beautiful State. Sir, the government of Anambra earmarked massive hectares of land in Oba for the sole purpose of constructing a State airport. Clearing was done, as a matter of fact, His Holiness Pope John Paul 2 landed on the Oba Airport for the beatification of Blessed Father Cyprian Tansi 1998.

For some unexplained reasons, the Oba Airport Project was abandoned.

The people of Oba never cultivated on that land, we never used it for any economic purposes, we waited for the government of Anambra to judiciously utilize that land unfortunately, it wasn’t so. Now the Oba airport land is currently being decimated and scavenged. It is recklessly being sold away with no single State presence on that land.

His Excellency Sir, is that right? Certainly its not. I ask, “is it that the government of Anambra State have excessive lands that they have no need to retain Oba airport land for future gigantic projects or the State governments does not know what to do with such massive lands like the Oba airport land”?

Sir, in as much as the State is constructing the State airport in another location, the site designated for the purported Oba airport should not be redundantly forgotten.

A State Pilot Training Institute (APTI) where Anambra sons/daughters will be trained in the craft of piloting and aero maintenance and engineering can be sighted and developed in the Oba airport site. The institute will serve as a manpower development unit for the smooth operations of the Anambra airport Umueri. Please Sir, do not neglect the aborted Oba airport site. Do not let that beautifully positioned land to be scavenged upon and wasted.

My dearest Governor, to whom shall I make all my request known, to whom shall I beckon on in Anambra State to help us with futuristic fundamental projects? It is you sir, and because you’re a governor with a mind capable of great achievements, I beckon on you to find a way to start up the Onitsha seaport.

When coming through the legendary Niger bridge, all you see is shacks and stalls of a market, whereas that entire region would have been a dry seaport with a huge potential of racking in trillions of naira’s and massive employment opportunity for our teeming population.

The enormous benefits of an Onistha seaport can not be quantified. There’s so much gain to be gotten from the construction of that seaport.

We all know it’s a Federal Government responsibility to embark on such projects, but you can START it.

Sir, if you can take just one small step to initialize the Onitsha seaport, that small step will be the giant leap for the people of Anambra State. That step is just what Ndi Anambra wants from you, and I assure, all Anamberians will rally round you to see the actualization of an inland seaport in Onitsha.

As Asaba Delta State is growing in proximity with Onitsha, a mega city is being formed, and the earlier we begin to visualize and prepare for Asaba/Onitsha mega city by building a dry port, the better for us.

My Governor Sir, my letter may be quite long, there are so many fundamental issues to raise, but let me just stop here for the moment. Though I would like you to make a public pronouncement that all new buildings that are currently being built or to be built, must be artistic to comply with very modern style of buildings that will give Anambra State a modern new look. I trust our highly creative and imaginative architects to comply with your directives that all new buildings must be artistically and aesthetically built.

I thirst with the thirst of hope that as a governor with lofty dreams, Anambra State will see the reconstruction of our State waterboard system where every Anamberian will turn on their water taps and see pure drinkable water flowing out and draining out into an underground central drainage system. Yes, underground drainage system is very feasible in Anambra State, a State where industries upon industries will be situated.

These are not just fantasies, these are doable and fundamental necessary projects for our darling great State.

His Excellency Sir, I believe in your ability, your judgement and your capability to extract the untapped riches in the State and transform them to esteemed values.

Sir you are in your second tenure, you have nothing to lose and much to gain if you can plunge headwards and develop Anambra State to a level beyond all imaginable heights.

Posterity will remember you as the father of the New Anambra State.

Inspire Ndi Anambra to Greatness.

Thank You Sir.

Yours in the New Anambra

Ugochukwu Valor Ejikeme
[email protected]
18th May 2018.