THE YOBE SCHOOL CHILDREN ABDUCTION AND ALLIED SECURITY MATTERS, It is unbearable. ONWUASOANYA FCC JONES Cry’s out to plead our Leaders and security Agents to intervene as he says the crisis is politically undertune.

Many things are happening at the same time just as the bells for 2019 electoral contests tolls. These things are not mere coincidences, they are well planned political games, being executed to perfection.

While the Benue massacre has seem to give Governor Ortom a breather for his almost dead political future, I know that all these tragedies are putting very bad holes on President Muhammad Buhari’s second term ambition, and this is certainly what they are targeted at achieving.

Ortom hasn’t paid salaries for months, his government is battling to come out of serious scandals of corruption, decayed infrastructure and other irresponsible acts, but all these complaints seem to have been put in the cooler by our dangerously partisan press, because Ortom has found the voice to criticize President Buhari and label the APC, critically. He is enjoying very good press and his friends in the PDP have found a wonderful comrade in him.

A medical doctor friend of mine told me that renowned psychiatrists have confirmed that majority of Nigerians suffer memory loss. Nigerians forget your sins easily, as soon you take one populist step and possibly take sides with those who oppose the government. Nobody is even asking Ortom why he couldn’t take action to protect his people when he got information that some herdsmen were planning to attack his people. Why didn’t Ortom mobilize his personal security aides, who are not less than 40, at least, to the community affected by this massacre? Ortom, of course, is the Chief Security officer of Benue State. If he cannot protect his State from internal violence, then he has no reason to remain governor. Of course the opposition controlled media and the bigoted social media activists will not want to hear this side of the argument. They are united in wanting Buhari out. Nobody seems to care about the prospects of the next person that will take over from him.

I won’t make excuses for our security agencies who have continued to disappoint Nigerians in these cases. There is no reason why Shekau should still be at large. There is no reason why those remotely or directly involved in the killing of innocent Nigerians anywhere in this country should not have been identified and apprehended. And there is no reason why our little children should not go to school and be sure of their safety. But there is absolutely no reason why everything should be politicized. Buhari will win his election in 2019 no doubt, but even if he loses, politicians have to understand that we have to have people around before we can ascend to power. We must not continue to oil the ladder of our ascension to power with the blood of ordinary people.

Nobody should be above the law if Nigeria must move forward. There are some opposition politicians seem to think that they can do anything and get away with it. Our security agencies must rise to the occasion. They must be made to understand that they are wrong.

Much more investments should be directed towards intelligence gathering. No criminal or sponsor of criminals must feel safe anywhere in this country. We have things to learn from developed countries and even fellow developing countries. Criminals hardly get away with their crimes. It is not true here. Some criminals even go on convoy and nothing happens. The heads of our security agencies should be more professional and stay off politics.