Nowadays; Our forefathers have been lied against by jollof rice loving prophets just to cash in….

Read and have sense.

.. He was told that his business is not doing well and his struggling in life is because of family/ancestral curses.

That his forefathers made some sacrifices and buried things that has been affecting his life…

He needs special deliverance!

Jesus died for your sin and resurrected over 1900 years ago, Your forefathers died less than 500 years ago. Blood of Jesus is older than your ancestors. But, Despite being a Christian for years,The sin of your ancestors is so powerful that it found its way to you.

The Hitler led Germany between 1936-1945 murdered 6 million Jews and millions of others in Europe. Germany is the richest Country in Europe as we speak. Ancestral curses have no hold on anyone there.

Descendants of those that ruled then are there living good lives despite the sins of their forefathers. People don’t go to their houses to uproot charms buried by their ancestors.

USA is the richest country in the world. Slaves were chained from Africa to America and many were murdered and those that survived suffered and worked to death. The descendants of slave owners and mass murderers are living normal lives. The sins of their forefathers as bad as they were have no business with them.

Yet, An Igbo man is told that his forefathers were so bad that what they did years ago is holding their success.
Of what use is your claim of being a Christian if you believe that you are being held captive by some things you don’t even know?

That’s how they go to families and plunge them into wars by accusing a family member of being responsible for the hardship of everyone there.

Before you invite anyone into your family home with shovels to dig out anything, Ask yourself if the power of God is capable of neutralising anything and rendering it powerless?
If the power of God can destroy evil powers wherever they are, Why are they desperate to come to your house and dig out something to show you?

Why are they always seeing things for you?

That’s the game! Frighten you with failure and disasters and then in your panic, You do as you are told. Cook Jollof rice, Cash for prayers and after few gra-gra, they dig out something and everyone is excited.

Be a Christian and live like one.

The blood of Jesus that saved you from sin can deliver you from any evil connection.
Your feet stepping on those grounds will render anything there powerless.

You don’t need magic, You don’t need to pay anyone to save you from your ancestors.
The power is with you already.

Only in Nigeria we hear stuff like that simply because fear is tormenting many religious people. Your ancestors are not holding your success, Go and get yourself a job.
Hustle hard and get over it.

Let’s not confuse the state sponsored hardship in Nigeria with ancestral curses.
If Nigeria improves and creates a welfare system where everyone is well looked after as it is in the West, You won’t hear those rubbish.

I’m yet to hear anyone in England suffering from ancestral/generational curses despite what their ancestors did in Africa and other places in the world.
Stop the play.

The Jollof rice loving prophets are cashing in on the system.

Ana adịghị mma bụ uru ndi nze.