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TopStar Movies International Ltd is the right owner and organiser of Topstar Project Fame Stars – a talent hunt competition YouTube show on Acting Movie, Music ,Comedy, Dancing Stars, also known as TopStar Projecting Fame STARS Worldwide (we are read to partner with philanthropists, Multi millions companies, and government agencies for partnership, sponsorship, projecting young talented youths for acting purposes in our company for some period of time), it is also a movie, music, dancing and comedy talent YouTube channels TV and stage presentation, movie acting audition competition show, movie, music productions, dancing and comedy featuring shows filmed in Nigeria and will be aired in the Nationwide continents. It is a regional version of acting movie as well as Academy training and project Fame reality series that was developed and is licensed Nationwide by the Board management of TopStar movies int’l Ltd. The show used to feature contestants from Nigeria and other country, both international contestants are welcomed. The show will be broadcasted by networks based in these various countries and Nationwide continents after production.

NB: Are you an amateur or upcoming Actors, Actresses, Dancers, musicians, and Comedians who wish to partner or sign in a contract with TOPSTAR movies and musics international Ltd to be featuring you in our movies so as to be projecting and featuring your image in any of our company’s TopStar Movies Project Fame Stars Series and/or TopStar music, Comedy, Movies / dacing Skits Project Fame Series because we are into projecting and managing of amateur actors, musicians, actresses and comedian in the movie industry worldwide. If you are interested to partner or sponsor any of the following 2020 projects below.

1.Topstar Project Fame Stars 2020 featuring Music/ Acting Movie / Dancing/Comedy reality YouTube channels TV shows.

2. Face of Topstar Movie Int’l Beauty Pageant YouTube channels Show 2020

3. Production of Topstar Nollywood Movies, comedy and Music films- through our TopStar Movies Project Fame Series and/or TopStar Comedy Movies /Skits Project Fame Series where the best winners will be made Nollywood Stars by featuring into it.

4. Topstar Movies Ambassadorial Celebrity International Award Show 2020.

For interested person or companies can call- 07034065136 for guidelines or Sponsorship. We have sponsors benefits which under negotiations and bargaining with you.

Note; we welcome anybody who want to sponsor or partner with us to be advertising his or their company businesses during our show both on our website, our YouTube, social media channels and at the venue as far as the client accept our agreement and terms of bargain after negotiations.

You can financially support our company Project Fame competition, beauty contest and movie businesses through your free will donations into our company account.

This is my company Account details Name- TopStar Movies Int’l Ltd- Acct Number- 0042252006 Bank Name: Diamond Bank PLC.

We are out to build the talents of the young ones through our platform.