TopStar Project Fame Stars 2020 -Talent Hunt Competition YouTube Reality Show.

Contest -TopStar Project Fame Stars 2020 – Acting, Comedy, Dancing Music talent Hunt competition Reality YouTube TV Show. Participation Form is Free, Form is available both online and offlineCall 07034065136

TopStar Project Fame Stars 2020 Form is Out now. Form is Free.Live Audition Call you to win One Million NAIRA TopStar Project Fame Stars talent Hunt competition Reality YouTube Channels TV Show 2020.All aspiring Movie actors, actresses, dancers, music artistes, Comedians, that are serious about taking their Talents to the next level are hereby invited to the nationwide audition of #theTopStar Project Fame Reality TV show 2020, Season 1.The TopStar Project Fame reality TV show, Season 1 is a forthcoming movie,Dancing, music and comedian reality TV show which shall have 10 Finales to feature in the final contest for who becomes the #the TopStar Project Fame Star Celebrity; #theTopStar Project Fame Artist;#theTopStar Project Fame Comedian.#theTopStar Project Fame Dancer Celebrities.

There is a whopping N1,000,000 (One million naira) With one Year Movie Acting contract, one year music contract, One Year Appearance in Our Celebrity Magazine Int’l, worth of prizes to be won by the Top Best 10 contestants to be featured in our movie, Comedy, racing, music series and TopStar celebrity magazine int’l as well as an opportunity to showcase their talent on the biggest platform which any aspiring music Artists, Dancers, Comedians and Movie actors can have.The Nationwide audition has been scheduled to hold in;
Anambra – February 15th 2020 and end up with Pre- Audition Val Night Party on 15th February to Celebrate Valentine lovers shows. Start by 8am till it fadeCome with your talent packages, video or audio CDs, and any other features you have to use to prove yourself because all your audition performances must be showcased in our YouTube channels for the public assessments and for awareness campaigns. Make sure it must be your work which has not been put in any YouTube channels and is not stollen work From any person or persons.Pick your forms Now…
Participation Forms is Free.
Just come with these three items to the audition Ground for your gate pass…1. One Igbo music titled – EzeUgom – By Prince Okeke Chinemelu (Artist)2. One TopStar Tag Note: The items Must be attached with a pass Sealed Slip with the inscription of TopStar on it to enable you enter the Audition Gate. Note that CDs items are yours….Don’t obtain the items without the Sealed Slip tag. Be Warned.The Forms and the items with the Sealed Slip tag are available @ online and offline @ G2860 Nollywood plaza electro Mart shopping complex, Onitsha and at No’s 8 Enugu/Onitsha Road Nkpor Junction, Anambra State. Or pick it at the venue of the Audition or call 07034065136 for your enquiries and booking.Interested Participants, Sponsors, Partners and supporters are therefore encouraged to visit, [email protected] call or WhatsApp us on 07034065136 to register for this historic event.The Road Shows awareness will cover Enugu, Anambra, Delta, Port- hacort, Abia, Imo, Jos, kano, Lagos, Abuja, ebonyi and other part of the states in the country, as we deem fit.Signed,
Actress Miracle Chidibere.
Head, Media and Publicity (The TopStar Project Fame Reality YouTube Channels TV show 2020).

TopStar Project Fame Stars 2020 – Acting, Comedy, Dancing, Music Reality YouTube channels TV Show Competitions. Season 1. 2020 sponsored by TOPSTAR movies international Ltd registered with CAC in Nigeria, is more than just a talent hunt selection show rather its one step in the making of Superstars, ask the likes of Ayo, IBU, Jennifer, and OGC they will all tell you that the TOPSTAR Project Fame Stars is the platform from which they are growing now in the entertainment industry.TOPSTAR Project Fame Stars Worldwide is a platform where raw talented Movie upcoming Actors, Actresses, musicians, dancers and Comedians are nurtured, trained features in a movie and hopefuls where contestants are selected, groomed for success in an intense acting training institute or projected during movie production to act in our TopStar Movies Project Fame Series and/or TopStar Comedy Movies /Skits Project Fame Series when qualified.The TopStar Project Fame Stars is also into Movies, music and Comedy acting training or production of movie and marketing has improved with wonderful faculties inside the company And new features are now been added for every one who is interested to be a SuperStar is to have the opportunity to enjoy and engage on the acting and competition programmes.TopStar Project Fame Stars 2020 – Acting Movie, Comedy, Music, dancing Reality YouTube channels TV Show Competitions for Stars means acting in a movie as well as projecting upcoming actors, actresses, musicians, dancers and comedians generally.

The TopStar Movie Audition Project Fame are involved in movie production 100% discipline in such that you are NOT only going to learn Movie acting but also to learn how to live your life, how to live with others, how to be filled and also fill others, how to talk and attract the right skills and audience, how to become the really you that GOD has created you to be. The platform helps you discover more about you that even your parent do not know.Entry; the platform is NOT as easy as it sound but you don’t have to be discouraged for anything, because others who attempted to be in the platform made it in – so you can too. All it requires is hard working and participationOne thing we believe is that “Once you have your way into the TopStar Project Fame Stars 2020 – Acting Movie, Comedy, Music Reality YouTube channels TV Show Competitions platform automatically you become a Nollywood SuperStar” it doesn’t matter whether you where the 1st, , or even the best top 10 Top bests. You become a Winner, who can act and the world will welcome you for what you present.Still talking about the “TOPSTAR project fame platform and audition materials like CDs, accommodation, feeding, and other things to make you stay comfortable have to be provide by the participants through our company supervision. That is why they are the best talent Hunt platform in Nigeria and African at large.TopStar Project Fame Stars 2020 – Talent Hunt Reality YouTube TV Show Competitions season 1. Audition & Registration Date 15th February 2020,This is where we play our humble rule since online website Registration is the center of information. So many of you are already asking when will the TopStar Project Fame Stars registration form The form or link for registration is outWhen the form/Application portal opens see the requirements, and Locations, the registration is on going.What’s Good About TOPSTAR Project Fame Stars worldwide?Brings out the real person in you – that the world wants to see. Teaches you self confident. Shows you how to understand yourself and how you should make others also understand you better. Teaches you about life, personal self, people and environment.Every contestant becomes a STAR exposes you beyond your imagination Automatically get ride of mental and environmental poverty – Teaching you that you can do all things.TOPSTAR Project Fame Stars- talent Hunt Reality YouTube Competition Show – RulesTo avoid distractions of any kind – in any way, this simple rules are made:Obey all rules and regulations.After you finished displaying your role on the stage you are expected to go home pending when the result will be out on we will send you a text massage that whether you are successful or not or you visit our website portal after hours to check result of the successful winners after the competition with our code number.No mobile phone during the production of movie shooting production ground and movie audition academy – Once you have been selected be prepare to live for some weeks without a illegal items by your side.TOPSTAR movies international Ltd to be featuring, managed as we project them as actors and actresses in all our company movie to become Movies and Comedian SuperStar.Use the comment box below to drop your email for free update. Also like and share our page on social media links (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp etc) and Forums.To participate select your interest form and fill the form on the register ICON. or you can call on us on +2347034065136 for more inquiries