See It is neither too late nor too early to put across my stand on the Njikoka Constituency II 2019 State Assembly Race.

There are several KEY AREAS TO CONSIDER about the Constituency before you decide on who to support

1. Access to water by our parents especially our mothers

2. Access to quality health services to all residents, especially the elderly, our mothers and young children

3. Access to Quality Early Education. Early Childhood education to the young

4. Access to good and quality Agricultural services to the farmers

5. Youth empowerment and women empowerment

6. creation of conducive environment for business by improving the markets

All the above HON. Ibida has extremely performed about 80% of the above listed, which a one term is not enough to complete the development agenda being set out to achieve by the Lawmaker, all this I confirmed during my recent tour to 3 towns that made up UMUOWELLE clan, starting from my own town Abagana, Nimo and Abba. Atleast in these three towns you can see some physical projects done by the lawmaker. As much as I cant count all of them.

This therefore makes me convinced beyond reasonable doubts that Hon. Peter Ibida deserves a Second term and I hereby want to declare my unwevering support to the one humble Young Energertic, development/Business oriented, Philanthropic, intellectual and a humble man to the core, Hon. Dr.