See; let know Girls reaction and the sobber reflection that engulfed on this mad Ashawo…..from IMO state…

At the moment this picture came online, I vividly watched.

When I take few times to express my dissatisfaction about ours girl’s retarded mentality especially those from Imo extraction, many hated me because Nigerian ladies prefer pretence and cover up.

Its no longer a rumor that a young and beautiful girl ran mad last night at Ikenegbu Owerri IMO State after she was pushed out of a jeep.

One will not make a ridiculous conclusion that she has been used by one of these internet fraudsters that are on geometric rise in Owerri.

But the bitter truth remains that our young girls have developed this insatiable appetite for money, material gains and nonsense competition that is not leading them to anything meaningful than demolition.

I have said it on numerous occasion that nothing stops a girl from working hard to earn money, an Independent lady earns much respect from men and will definitely be rewarded with a good husband.

The increase for the love of car that you don’t know how it was bought has become the new normal for any girl residing in Owerri metropolis, at the site of a flashy car coming close to a girl, she will start melting and feeling like Dbanj.

When it was reported that Billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji is getting married with almost 200 million dollars worth assets, none of the ladies on my list complemented that great feat because laziness has occupied their mind.

I pray for her soul and same time wishing that every single girl on my list will meditate and assimilate this true life story with a redefined way of making adjustments cum amendments.

Remember those who can endure hunger are always comforted with everlasting happiness, the ball is in your court, don’t allow friends to lure you into prostitution because you want to be the biggest girl in town.

I drop my pen here,
Read and thank me later if you can,