See: Pain and Regret. When Teenagers test positive for HIV, She said I was Raped….

That pain when you see young promising teenagers test positive for HIV. Not saying that HIV is a death sentence for people who have it but, it’s a preventable disease. So it hurts when a new case is discovered.

So, you can imagined the pain when I had to look at this girl and tell her, after due counselling “Nne, you have to live with the reality now. You must take your drugs without failing. You must live a positive life, etc…”

She had this shock I’d never seen before on her face. She’d started sweating just a few seconds after the news was broken to her.

Her words haunts “So, that’s the end then? So, that’s the justice I get for being raped in my own lodge? That’s how God repays my effort to keep my virginity for my husband?”

But, what else could I tell her except that she should forget the past and live her new reality now?

I didn’t want to start talking about why she had not presented immediately after the rape. I didn’t want her to start feeling worse knowing that it was only the fear of stigmatisation associated with rape that led her to conceal her ordeal.

As I watched her cry herself hoarse I couldn’t help thinking how many more girls fall to this evil of rape. How promising lives get shaken by another human’s wickedness.

And even now, I do not know how to respond to her last question, ” doc, will my boyfriend still love me if I told him my status as you suggested? I’ve been denying him sex and now this has happened?”

This world is so unfair.