Sen. Victor Umeh’s Motion for Urgent inclusion of the South East Railway lines….

Let me make this point very emphatic and it is very important to note too that Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe never moved any motion in the Nigerian Senate to urging the very Federal Government to include the South East Railway lines in the budget. What happened in 2017 was that Sen. Abaribe just merely opposed the request from the FG to get a loan of 6.8 Billion Naira for the revitalization of railway lines in Nigeria excluding the South East. He opposed the loan request but NEVER at any given time, came up with any MOTION before the plenary. (You can independently, verify this).

It is very important to clarify this because those in opposition whose stock in trades is to run down every single move made by Sen. Umeh. I am really not perturbed about it because it is obviously expected that a man who thrashed all his political opponents to get to the Senate in the manner he did would get such attention.

As a matter of fact, in the Senate today, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe would have even been a front liner amongst those that supported the motion today but unfortunately, he was at the Federal High Court for the hearing of Nnamdi Kalus vs FG.

Just in case if you are doubt, the comments below are the views of the Senators that supported the motion.

“I support this motion, the issue of Eastern rail line should be developed and funded just like any other part of Nigeria.” ~ Sen. Ahmed Lawal (Senate Leader)

“This issue is all about fairness, equity and justice, this issue of Eastern rail line has been on for 3 years, this Eastern rail line is a capital project that will benefit all Nigerians.” ~ Depunity Senate President, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu

“South Easterners are known as business men, the rail line from South East to Lagos is still pending. Rail line would make it much easier for purchasing goods and services.” ~ Sen Chukwuka Utazi


Senate resolved to:

1. Call on the federal Government to restore services on the Eastern rail lines which is currently out of use;

2. Call on the Federal Government to include the Eastern and North West rail lines in its on going railway standardization programme and reflect same in 2018 appropriation Bill for implementation;

3. Urge the Federal Government to include the Eastern rail lines of the Nigerian Railways as one of the beneficiaries of $6.8 billion dollars loan approved towards the standardization and modernization of the Nigerian Railways; and

4. Urge the Federal Government to include Markurdi, Jalingo and Yola rail lines in its on going standardization and modernization of the Nigerian railways.


“Thank you very much Senator Victor Umeh for this motion” ~ Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki.


I clearly understand the anguish and pains of those of you in opposition. In fact, I share in your pains. The obvious attempts your pay masters is indicative of the fact that they are just short of words on how a man they claimed, would not key into the business of the Senate so quickly, is in less than 3 months in office marshalling issues like this.

The truth is that, this is democracy. It is important to back up issues with facts. Bring up the motion purported to have been sponsored by Sen. Abaribe and prove me wrong. Or show a video where Sen. James Manager shouted Sen. Victor Umeh down. In fact in the words of Sen. James Manager, while supporting Sen. Umehs motion, he said and I quote “Distinguished versatile erudite Sen. Victor Umeh”. Now that’s the recognition of a man they claimed, will be swallowed in the Senate.

We are proud of what OUR BELOVED SENATOR.