SENATOR Andy Uba and his brother Chief Chris Uba are at the Anambra state Election Petition Tribunal challenging the victory of Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

They are at the tribunal because Anambra south senatorial zone belongs to the Uga family brothers. To them, the senate seat of Anambra south is hereditary. So they are at the tribunal to retrieve what belongs to them.

They do not know how another Ubah with ‘h’ from Nnewi, who is not in any way related to them, snatched what belongs to them.

The Uga brothers rotate the senatorial seat from older to younger and may have planned to possibly pass it onto their children before Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah truncated it.

Their eldest brother, Dr Ugochukwu Uba was at the senate after which Andy Uba took over from him.

Chief Chris Uba, who is the youngest of Uba brothers has insisted that it is his turn from the family to go to senate. Ugochukwu was at the senate between 2003-2007. Andy has been there for 8 years, so Eselu is making a case that it was his turn.

But unfortunately, ndi Anambra south rose in one voice and said ‘enough is enough.’ On February 23, Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah defeated the Uba brothers in Aguata. This was the first time the Uba brothers lost not only their local govt area, but they also lost at the Old Aguata.

It was a victory that liberated ndi Anambra south senatorial district and freed them from the politics of ‘mu na umu nne m.’

It was expected that the Uba brothers would have thanked ndi Anambra south for allowing them to dominate and rotate the senate seat among their family members for long and step aside, but they have rushed to the tribunal challenging an election won by a political party that have only existed for 6 months.

The people voted for YPP not because it has any political structure to win an election in the zone, but because there was growing disenchantment over the dominance of Uba brothers.

If the Uba brothers understand this, their petition at the tribunal is already a mere academic exercise. The people will stand by the mandate freely given.

There was an attempt to use the Returning Officer through a petition that surfaced few hours after the votes were collated and declared, but the RO after investigation maintained that Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah of YPP won the majority votes cast and met all the requirements of the law.

Even without waiting for the constitution of the tribunal, Chris Uba rushed to the federal high court Awka seeking the leave of the court to compel INEC to prosecute the Returning Officer.

The reason Chief Chris Uba wants the RO to be arrested and prosecuted is still unclear to everyone. I learnt that even the judge at the last sitting asked Chris Uba’s counsel to come clear on why they want the RO prosecuted. What crime did he commit?

Maybe, the crime of the RO was that he allowed a family inheritance to move to another Ubah family at Nnewi. Maybe the RO refused to be compromised.

Anambra south senatorial election was one of the most peaceful. It was free, fair and transparent without any major incident. It is on record that at the LG collation centres, no party agent raised any petition against the conduct of the election.

Why are Uba brothers at the tribunal? Why is it difficult for Andy and Chris to support the wishes of their people. Must it be one of them or no one else?

AIF Media