History was made yesterday. We simply cannot chronicle enough, the manner of mother we have in you.

Apparently, words are not enough to describe nor quantify your magnanimity. From 2014 till date, you have shown Anambrarians and of course Nigerians at Large that YES…. IT IS POSSIBLE. It is possible to be exceptionally phenomenal. You devoted your entire life to work for humanity. God in his infinite Mercy continued to use you to put smiles on the faces on of the downtrodden. Shall we tell about the achievements in your CAFE Initiative…? which you have used to provide shelter for several impoverished persons in Anambra State. Or Shall we tell them of your achievements in providing a peaceful place for shelter for the mentally challenged…? A fit that has never been done in the history of Anambra State. We simply cannot thank you enough ma. The heart weakening part of these projects are simply the fact that are provided for persons that never dreamt of it in their entire life.

A brief flashback reminds us of how God has manifested himself in your family by granting your beloved husband His Excellency the Executive Governor of Anambra State Dr. Willie Maduabrochukwu, Obiano the 21/21 landmark victory that has gone down in history of this State. It is evident that the victory of your beloved husband was a way God in his benevolence chose to encourage you that indeed, He is with you.

Indeed, like mother like daughter. It is a fact that till date, your own daughter is far away United States of America still contributing her quota in making the world a better place. Many are not aware of this, but it is important to note that Dr. Gechi Obiano who is today spending valuable times of hers in taking care of the needy in developing nations across the world, is simply living a replica of her mothers life. A brief knowledge of what your daughter is doing across the world today, is indeed an indicative of the fact that, indeed, humanitarian services runs in the blood.

We can go on and on but we wish to cease this privilege to join millions of friends, families, Anambrarians and Nugerians across the world to celebrate you today and tell you that we love you and will continue to support you and your beloved husband in the journey of A GREATER TOMORROW PROJECT in Anambra State.

PRINCE EMEKA UDODEME (Nkwa Chukwu Kwelu Oraukwu)