Shocking: Eight year old girl caught in Christmas village after stealing her Madam’s 48,000 naira.

An eight year old girl who stole 48,000 naira which belonged to her mistress has been caught with just 2,500 naira remaining of the stolen money in Christmas village in Akwa Ibom State.

The little girl admitted to have stole the money and also admitted to have spent the money in buying things and that the remaining of the money is 2,500 naira, which she was caught with.

According to her mistress, the woman who brought her from the village, she narrated that she brought the little girl from the village because there was someone who was looking for a house girl in Lagos, and that when the person saw the girl , she rejected with conditions that the girl was so small and that she needed someone that is a little bit advance.

She said that in the process of trying to return the girl back to the village the next day, the girl stole her money and run away. And that she and her husband have been looking for the girl ever since she left the house and thank God that someone who knew them saw the girl and alerted them.

Though securities officials have taken custody of the girl for safety reasons, and according to them, they will only release the girl to her real parents once they once