Shocking: How Assemblies of God senior pastor and police DPO killed my Dad at KpiriKpiri Ebonyi state.

Guys dey play ball for area, ball come fall into church premises, we come go beg gateman make he give us ball, he come dey abuse us, we returned the abuse and was about leaving when the pastor’s daughter came and told us to give her time to talk to the gateman, we left the premises and after sometimes came back to get the ball only for the pastor to come out and started raining abuses on us, we returned the abuse back to him and the members of his church and children came out back him up after some period of exchange of words we were asked to go indoor which everyone of us did and everywere was calm only for Royal Rangers from the church came and to ask for peace at first we refused to come out but after sometimes I came with one of neighbour on behalf of other members, we went to the church to plead with pastor even when he was the one that abused me first. Suddenly on getting to the church, a police woman who was on maternity leave came into the church and the church gate was locked, the two of us who came out on behalf of other youths were handcuffed and beaten inside the church compound in front of the pastor, people who gathered outside the church gate peeing through the small opened space in the gate called my father only him to come and see the humiliation I was passing through and protested that I should be taking to the police station, if I committed any crime, the police woman who was on an illegal duty slapped my dad and when they saw the pressure was much we were taken to the police station only for me and neighbor to be locked at the counter and abused by the police woman on duty calles Blessing Ukeji. MY dad was taken to DPO’s office and I was called after some minutes to come and get the body out of the station by the DPO, on getting to the DPO’s office, I discovered that my Dad was vomiting white substance and was unconscious, I took him to the hospital only for two Doctors to confirm that he was already dead.
please is this how the church works, I want justice.

Aluu Ebenezer Gentle wrote…..