Shocking News: Read the Police investigations against the 3 suspects that flogged & Naked the Woman.

Go and read the Police investigation again.

The woman was not caught in sexual Act.

She was invited by the man, she came and met the man’s absense.

Only for the two women to pounce on her, locked her up in a Bathroom for four hours.

The man was no where to be found all through that period.

The women came back after 4 hours stripped her naked and started flogging her. Friend did the flogging and wiffy did the videoing.

Next day the man who invited her and disappeared called and asked her to pay money to kill video not to go viral.

When she couldn’t pay, the man posted the video.

That is why the man is among the suspects.

She was not caught in 3exual act in the man’s house.

The man blackmailed her with the video.

I took time to read the Police investigation.

Don’t jump into conclusions because you saw her naked.

It is wrong that the world believed she was caught in the 3exual act in the man’s house.