She did not break into your house,

She did not invite herself into your home,

Your husband asked her out, she said yes,

Your husband took her out, and still brought her home as it should be in a relationship,

She could be clueless that he is married as he could have lied to her,

She could have been lied to by the man that he is married but he’s getting a divorce, or his separated with the wife,

If you have no respect to treat your husbands guest in this manner by disgracing her and yourself and your sister how long have the man been facing war in his home?

You ran into them, beat her mercilessly, recorded her naked, and posted on social media and she is now trending and you are happy sitting with your husband the community penis and laughing over it while waiting for another victim ..

Why can’t you deal with her without your camera? Why can’t you leave her clothes on ? Why can’t you just flog her if really that would make your stupid husband to stop cheating ? Why can’t you show no mercy?

Are you innocent ?

Have you not slept with another persons boyfriend? Husband? Fiancé ? You could have but was lied to and you probably may never get to know because he probably broke up with you before you found out that your sleeping with someone’s husband,

This here is the information I got,

The woman came in from China I heard based in China, to fight her sister

I have lived in China, most of our men there are happily married, but won’t bring their wives to China because China hardly gives stay over there, how are you sure the men you might have been dating in China are not married?

We know what Nigerian girls do in China, I have lived there so I know, so while you are there hunty justice are you sure you have been all a good over there?

Well let the search begins until I hear from you the reasons of this actions then this won’t be over,

the public needs to know,

1. Where was your husband when this thing happened..

2. Was it your husband that brought this woman to your house or she cane alone and if she did, did your husband call her to come?

3. Who are those men begging you? Is it a camera showcase because I don’t think you can overpower those men if they really wanted you to stop you will, or maybe you are giving them small money you made in China

4. Why was it only the ladies face that was brought out? While dishing out your verdict why did you not include your husbands face or is he not the main culprit here?
5. We need answers until then the search is still on and we must here from you .

For those supporting the beating of this lady, disgracing and getting her completely naked why videoing her I hope your innocent because you see Karma? It does not have respect for anyone because most of you have been sleeping with a married man without you even knowing …

Now, if you ever supported that lady, how she flogged her fellow woman or disgraced her for an act that many of you and your sisters are guilty of, it shall never be well with you all..