Shocking; The political Game is changing in Enugu state rapidly

In the past few weeks the mood of politicking in Enugu State had changed. It is expected because ours is a country where those who are seriously working for the common good of the people are often dragged outside to engage in somewhat fisticuffs with detractors.

However, I doff my hat for the incumbent administration in the States. In the midst of social media onslaught against the activities, they have remained calm and focused.

The detractors who I like addressing as electronic warriors; they act as though they are robots. Always following the instructions of the pay master not minding the grave danger such actions portent for the general wellbeing of the masses.

Recently, the e-Warriors rolled out reeled up their ugly heads; meandering and sniffing around for any drop of grace gap in the developmental strides of the incumbent Government. They snap pictures of whatever comes to their minds and brandish them before the public as failure on the part of the Government.

They are people who would never suggest any tangible means of governing the State. They call themselves leaders whereas they derive joy when the people are crying and suffering.

If you remember these people recently took to social media castigsting the Government for ‘abandoned projects everywhere’. Inuka! Tell me story! Abandoned projects? Well, we shall discuss that on a very good day.

They claim the State Government is wicked and rock-hearted; they project the Government as anti-people oriented projects and calamitous.

Well, on a good they shall get their match. They will never see the people of Agbogugu, Awgu Local Government Area of the State. They will neither visit nor sympathize with the affected persons

All they do is hoop around the Internet; if the State had failed to visit it becomes breaking news for them.

They hate to see the Government taking right decisions.

When they see leaders of the State on-the-spot assessment visit to scenes of the rainstorm that led to the destruction of about 100 homes, schools, a poultry farm and other public amenities, they bite their fingers.

Well, the Government has informed the affected community of the decision of the administration to provide shelters and relief materials to cushion the effect of their loss. This is to the detriment and disappointment of the callous minds.

The prayers of the good people of Enugu State is with the people of the community as the Enugu State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) commences immediate response by providing shelters and relief materials to the affected persons.