Advice to Single Ladies searching for sugar Daddies.

I really do hope you wise up and learn from this, don’t let any stupid, irresponsible man deceive you into believing he would leave his wife and kids for you.
I don’t know why some some who knows and have evidences of their man cheating would let that lady go scot free (I didn’t mention my husband or use myself because I know I married one of the 2% men who don’t cheat)
But if I were those women ehn (God forbid) I don’t know any herbalist house oh but I will visit one that day and kill that lady or even find every means to finish her off because I don’t play with my man oh. No matter who you are, just don’t abuse my man in my presence I won’t take it likely with you. I pray God opens the eyes of every married man to see that which they search for outside they can still get it with their wives.. Is it that she is not good on bed and you are? Why not teach her those styles that you enjoy so much. Is it that she isn’t romantic? Why not be patient and teach her. Is it that she don’t dress well? Why not buy her those outfits you like in other ladies. Is it that she don’t know how to cook, register her into a cooking class. You have no excuse whatsoever to cheat on your woman because you know her well enough and decided to marry her with her flaws so stick your Cassava in one hole and stop cheating.

Ladies should learn to avoid sugar Daddy.