TENANTS WARNS OUR LANDLORDS AND AGENTS CHARGES IN ONITSHA… we need to tackle it with all seriousness.

i write this based on what has gone viral in onitsha as a major city in igboland where four and five storey buildings are seen to reduce the challenges of tenements rates and the accommodation saga in relations to states in igboland and other states far from igbo land.


Anyway. Kudos for reflecting us once more on the happenings in our major city in igbo land precisely ONITSHA.

that is the problem whenever we decried for government marginalisation and not allowing us to Secede, I keep asking if we are to be given such right or allowed our referendum, would our economy or the likes in governance in Biafra Land be better off unlike when in Nigeria.

Until we understand this that igbo has no ruler as in KING, that will rule all igbo land for a common good.

That self esteem and ego can’t allow us achieve our quest for referendum.

Then in the light of what happened in accommodation in onitsha and its associated cost is infact speaking on the future hardship that will take alot of people back their village as they may not afford the rent and other tenements.

Then comes the issue of AGENT, a problem on its own.

As days go by, we employ different strategies on our day to day activities.

Agents on a consultation service, you are to pay at least #1k before showing you an apartment.

Let’s alone Agency fee, which is far much the rent.

Then, comes the Landlord,

Agreement fee
Kolanut fee
Then buying of drinks for co-tenants.

I have come to challenge them on this point of issuing of HOUSE RENT receipt, the exact amount that would be in the receipt.
You will see it is only the rent will be written while others will be omitted.

Meaning is an illegal amount?

Yet to get the answer.

Come to think of another story line, of all bequeathed properties to the sons, daughters or a trustee of an old house. Will keep making life unbearable to tenants.

These trustees don’t even know the cost of building materials used in building but imagine the way they keep collecting outrageous amount in rent without considering the nature of the house to be an old house, where the money used in building that house might have been completed long ago.

Please all those concern, help us because the economic hardship is really telling in our life.

New houses may not be questioned because of the cost of building materials.

Because government also give some waiver to some buildings.