The Challenges in this country has raised alarm, Fmr. Vice President Atiku call for Solutions.


Whoever is conversant with the politics of Anambra state at least from early 2003 will also be at home with the above slogan which was used by His Excellency, the former governor of Anambra state, and an ardent promoter of true democracy and good governance, Mr. Peter Obi {Okwute} during the 2003/2004 electioneering campaigns when he asked the people of Anambra state a similar question; ” Is Anambra State Cursed or Are We The Cause”?

Before that time, there were a lot of decadence in Anambra state, both moral, economic and infrastructural decadence. Just like in Nigeria today, there were a lot of killings, destruction of lives and properties, robbery, etc; in the state. All these were as a result of bad leadership. One basic premise of good leadership is that any person who is aspiring to lead must be good as a person, as a candidate, as an administrator, as a policy maker before he or she goes into governance. Not that going into governance is going to make the person good.

Today in Nigeria, it’s no longer news that many people are suffering as a result of maladministration of the current APC led federal government. The kind of governance is such that no one dares to ask questions. The state of affairs if allowed to continue will place the social and economic lives of all and sundry in jeopardy. Suffice it to say that because of their vision less but voracious tendencies, they have so entrenched themselves in government aiming solely at looting the treasury in the country.

Since the inception of the present administration of President Muhammad Buhari on the 29th day of May 2015, there have been severe hardship in the country. The prices of goods and commodities have gone high, our youths are not employed and Fulani herdsmen are murdering people like never before. The level of corruption in the country has skyrocketed that even animals now embezzle public funds, just as the case we have in the Jamb headquarters last few weeks. Many public office holders embezzle public funds and go free in as much as they belong to the ruling party {APC}.

Today, the Fulani herdsmen have been known to wreak havoc in certain communities in Nigeria. The rate at which they commit these crimes has increased exponentially. According to statistics provided by the institute for Economic and peace, in July 2015, barely two months after the swearing in of President Muhammadu Buhari, suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked Adele, a community on the outskirts of the state capital, Makurdi.

In February this year, as a result of a clash between herdsmen and farmers in Benue State, 40 more people were killed, about 2,000 displaced and not less than 100 were seriously injured. Most recently, more than 92 Nigerians were massacred by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Benue and Niger States. Also, before this time, there have been reported attacks by the Fulani herdsmen in southern states of the country, including Enugu, Ekiti and Ondo States.

Furthermore, President Muhammadu Buhari during his 2015 campaign promises told Nigerians that he will create at least 1million jobs in the country every year if elected president. This promise is yet to be achieved after about 3years in power. The National Bureau of statistics {NBS} says the country’s unemployment rate rose from 14.2% to 18.8% in 2017. It said between the second quarter and the third quarter, the number of economically active or working age population {15-64 years of age} increased from 110.3 million to 111.1 million.

Moreover, between January and September 2017, a total number of 4.07 million Nigerians became unemployed, an analysis of the unemployment report for the third quarter released by the National Bureau of Statistics has revealed. The bureau in the report, stated that the number of Nigerians that became unemployed rose from 11.92 million in the first quarter of the year {2017} to 13.58 million and 15.99 million in the second and third quarters of 2017 respectively.

However, I think that what we urgently need in this country is a good leader. The vital ingredient is the leadership that inspires and motivates the people at a given time and period to attain a country’s given potential. It could also be the vital push for already attained achievements to be further consolidated. In most situations, the coincidental effect or factors makes the leadership responsibility to fall on those people that would have prepared or otherwise for the task to be entrusted to them by these unforseen factors.

The first American President, George Washington believed that his people were being trampled upon by the imperialistic colonial powers of their time. He led a great battle against the Great Britain. A battle some military historians would term suicidal. He was resolute and determined to lead America to freedom. The task was achieved, but little did he fathom that the situation was entrusting in him a task that would later be a rallying point for the whole America and the new found and relished freedom.

Coming back to Africa, South Africa was in a great turmoil in the apartheid days. There was this struggle against apartheid. Nelson Mandela and his co – revolutionaries were fearless, insisting on the abolition of the obnoxious and inhumane practice. But all the while, they had an insight into their freedom. A young dynamic member of ANC, Thambo Mbeki was sent to England to study and learn from Great Britain and the likes. He prepared among other things, how to prosper the republic of South Africa when the freedom finally comes. Of – course. Freedom was attained and Mbeki having understudied the Icon, Nelson Mandela for the period of 4 years, whose task essentially was to heal the wound of the past, became the real rallying point where quessentential South Africa started off.

Coasting home in West Africa, George Weah, the legendary Liberian footballer who has proven to be the best thing that has happened to that country after a chaotic war ravaged past poised to take the reigns of the leadership of that traumatized country. He was the veritable rallying point. The man generally looked up to in the country to provide the push that will break the country away from the sordid past and put them on the part of greatness.

These kinds of examples are bound all over the world, especially countries that have witnessed monumental progress and social development. Nigeria with her vast resources is craving to attain greatness and rightly so, deserves to understand the dynamics of the social engineering and evolution. Especially that we are smarting up from a chaotic past and present, trying to remove the present administration of PMB and replace it with a more vibrant man, Atiku Abubakar.

Nigeria is such a big diverse and talented people. It is however a known phenomenon that what has always being holding us down is the absent of that leader who will rally all interests, motivate people, inspire respect from citizenry, respect people in return, be accepted to all shades of people irrespective of their ethnic, political and religious affiliations. The present of a man that has built bridges across all sectors of the country and so on.

God in his infinite mercies has entrusted such a person to us as a country. We only need to be more resolute about what we really want as a people with common destiny. Religious leaders, traditional rulers, opinion leaders and most importantly the human right communities have come to trust and believe in Turaki Adamawa, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.