This is a big Warning to all mothers…

This is a true life story that happened to me in 2016 December before Christmas Surulere environment of Lagos
I was once a working class lady, married with 2 beautiful kids a boy 6years and a girl 4years. There was one particular bike man that i arranged to be picking my kids to school every early morning before i leave for work. I also had a house help that used to receive the kids from the bike man when he brings them back from school.
That man has been carrying my kids for a year plus.
One day i was in the office and i had some feelings that i should go home, but i didn’t obey my instinct immediately but it kept disturbing me until i took excuse from my boss and i left the office. So when I got home I decided to relax a bit for my kids to arrive home. I waited and it was already 4pm and I became so worried. I called the bike man, his number was not connecting. I had to go to my kids school and I was told the bike man has come to pick them. I started wondering where could the man be with my kids?
I decided to go to his house immediately i got there as I was about entering into my car to drive out, the bike man rushed into his compound and I quickly came down from my car and asked him of my kids, he said madam them dey school, I never go pick them that is why I rush come to carry my spare okada key so that I go go carry them na police hold me since.

I told him but I have gotten to my kids school and they said you have come to carry them. He said noooo madam na lie o. I said ok get into the car let’s go to the school. He didn’t hesitate, he got in and we arrived my kids school.
The school security man said, you have come to carry the kids around 3pm now immediately after school, even the teachers that were still hanging around the school as at the time we arrived there confirmed that he came to pick the kids. I quickly held him to provide my kids. The school security went to the police station to get a police man to arrest him. When he got to the station , after much torture he said he sold my kids to ritualist for 3million Naira.
Did I tell you that when I saw him rushed into his compound, he had bundle of money in a polythen bag and his rushing into his compound was to come and pick his family and run away but unfortunately he met up with me.
So after his confession, he took us to the ritual place where he sold my children, behold I saw my kids sleeping on the floor with their school uniforms in the kitchen pool of blood 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 already slaughtered and I fainted.
The next place I found myself was in a hospital .
The dead of my two children has affected me since 2016 December till date. I am having issue with my health, marriage and I can’t even work. I pray God to restore my life for me. I spent 6months in phyciatric hospital.
Please my fellow women if you have a child or children that you need to use a means to take them to school, pls I advise you use the school bus no matter how late they come please be patience. Even my house help ran away.