TOP Facts; To raise a child successfully is not a lazy parents’ work. It takes guts, courage, passion, determination, risks, strength, self control, consistency, fervent prayer. Read

One of the things that can cause ill health to a parent is the attitude of the child. When a child grows into a problem, the parents cannot sleep with the two eyes closed. When respected members of the community have children that are an embarrassment to them, then you can be sure all won’t be well in that home.

Today, we are talking about kindergartners doing drugs, dancing one corner, talking crap, etc.

I see mothers in church. Their kids will be moving from one part of the church auditorium to another during service and they won’t correct the child. When the deacons complain, they say “leave him he’s just a child”. The mother is indirectly telling others not to interfere. Trust me, they won’t.

I see mothers buy sweets for babies that don’t even have teeth because they don’t want the child to cry. So every time the baby wants sweets, he cries and sweet comes. Who’s the boss?

Parents will be praying and the child will be moving from place to place or open eyes to be looking, or even be crying for something. They’ll say, “leave him he’s a baby”. The child grows up without respect for God, worship or authority. Whose fault?

It’s school time and the child cries for all the snacks in the shop, buy juice, buy this brand of biscuit, buy that colour of toys. The mother thinks its cool and say, “leave him he’s just a baby”. Then when the child grows up to always want to have his own way, to always want everyone to do his will, someone will say, he’s naughty.

Parents complain that school assignment is too much for their child in his presence. The child grows up to do selective work.

House help does all the dirty work, kitchen chores, etc while the kids watch cartoon. Tomorrow the parents want the child to take care of the house. Who trained him in that line?

A Child shows signs of greed, disobedience, violence, rudeness, etc. and the parents excuse bad behaviour because they have gone to school and have travelled abroad, and read child psychology, and know human rights and ….. lots more.

Now the child is older and has obviously become an embarrassment to the parents. He is rude, saucy, steals, lies, lazy, beats up siblings, talks back at parents, doesn’t sit still in public etc and the parents want a magic cure. They blame the school, they blame the house help, they blame the devil, they blame everyone except themselves.
They say the child is stubborn but No child is born stubborn. God doesn’t give stubborn children.

It is true that God trains our children but parents must work hard. Start early. Start discipline from the stomach. Let the child know who is boss. Be consistent in discipline. Be strict. Be firm.

As the child reaches each growth hurdle, your words, eyes, actions of reproof will serve as guide and guard.

Don’t think your child will hate you. Don’t think your child will think you hate him. No.
When its time to play with your kids, play well. When its time to reprimand or punish, don’t hold back.

To enjoy good health in old age, parents should start bending the fish now.
Work for the night is coming.
Look for the black sheep before darkness sets in.
Make the sacrifice today so that you can get the blessings tomorrow.