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About; TOPSTAR Celebrity Magazine International Ltd.

TopStar Celebrity Magazine International Ltd is an Events and Images Magazine with local and international recognition and it is also a publication, usually a periodical publication, which is printed in hard copies or electronically published (sometimes referred to as an online magazine). Topstar celebrity magazine international Ltd are generally published on a regular schedule and contain a variety of content.

TopStar Celebrity Magazine International.



To be Nigerian’s leading media Magazine both local and international awareness company

To show that Nigerians are capable of meritorious by always celebrating the best Nigerian events and the brightest world Class personalities.


Our platform was built with diligence and commitment over a time and, our ambition is to create a international awareness platform that all Nigerians- international can be proud of. We are confident that working in partnership with you, we would build the best media platform in Nigeria and eventually take the worldwide class personalities events. We strive to create a brand that thrives on a commitment to quality and values.

We are today driven by greater zeal. To offer a full range of media adverts services to Nigerians, Africans in Diaspora and other people of the world.

These services are Publications (A full service magazine and newspaper printing company), Broadcasting (A television and radio service) and Nollywood movies acting, producing, distribution and marketing.


Published since 2013, TOPSTAR celebrity magazine International was born in Nigeria- Africa continent. It was conceptualized by the publisher, OKEKE Chinemelu Godwin Esq. a tried and tested reporter and high-profile Author who was given recognition on his intellectual advancement of our people.

Topstar celebrity magazine international’s main focus which is still its core value today is the celebration of local and international awareness. That was why when the first edition rolled out of the press, it had Government approval and recognition and His Excellency the Executive Governor of Anambra state achievement was place on the cover.

That first package was uniquely different, breezy and upscale. The edition showed the high standard and lofty dreams of the publisher and those directors who helped to fuel his dream. Year after year, cover after cover, the magazine has been able to discover and celebrate Africans all over the globe.

The magazine showed with crisps, clear pictures and well-crafted prose that Nigerian was not all about war and disease. That we had brilliant minds, events creative businessmen and millions of people who through sound education and hard work live well and celebrate life.

TOPSTAR celebrity magazine international is 100 percent truly local and international. It is an Nigerian company, fueled by the Nigeria spirit of doggedness, focus and determination, but driven by first-rise, world-class standard recognitions


The TOPSTAR Celebrity magazine international brand satisfies the reading pleasure of high, net worth individuals, movie actors, actresses and comedians upwardly-mobile professional, middle level businessmen and young adults. In addition, it serves as an inspirational document for youths and students because in celebrating achievers, we create role models that these future leaders look up to and pattern their lives after as we promote beauty pageant celebrities, and socioeconomic and political leaders.


TOPSTAR celebrity magazine international is a sole-business magazine; our editorial content is generally chosen to meet the needs of the entire purpose of investor: Our super brand are educational, entertaining, events coverage, informative and oftentimes historical journals that anybody between the ages of 10-80 will find very relaxing and appealing.

Our production is a very tedious process that entails networking with our offices in Anambra, Abuja, and London.

Our products are on A3-size paper of all gloss, well-vanished monthly magazine printed in our standard company.


Our print run is 1,000,000 around the world for which 80% is circulated in Nigeria and research has shown that the pass on rate of our magazine is 3-1. Therefore, we are looking at your organization accessing close to 10,000 direct clients

Our service covers all types of events such as

1. Burial ceremonies
2. Wedding ceremonies
3. Child dedications
4. House dedications
5. Birthday celebrations
6. Political events
7. Social events coverage
8. Carnivals / trade fare’s
9. Personal interviews
10. Shows etc.

Our Advert Rates:

– Outside Back Cover (OBC) N100,000 , $35,000

– Inside Front Cover (IFC) N70,000, $24,500

– Inside Back Cover (IBC) N70,000, $24,500

– Page 3 N60,000, $21,000

– Full Page N50,000, $17,500

– Half Page N30,000, $10,500

– Earpiece (TOP) N40,000, $14,000

– Bottom Strip (Cover) N35,000, $12,250

– Small size post: #15,000, $6,400.

You can contact us through our website; >> CLICK HERE to invite us.

Or call 07034065136 for further details

It is a great pleasure to present to you the 2nd edition of the restructured International celebrity image magazine. We hope that the online version will become a greater platform for dialogue to promote and facilitate “Export Impact for Good”.

The TOPSTAR celebrity magazine international Ltd is an International Centre is in the business of helping small businesses in developing countries connect effectively with the global marketplace. By building knowledge and skills, we aim to increase export activity and grow community outcomes in places most in need.

This January 2018 issue brings views of TOPSTAR celebrity magazine international experts on understanding modelling attitudes, and addressing challenges of the current contraction in global fashions. The next online edition will look more closely at movie Acting, fashion, ethics and event conscience.

We encourage you to use the comments feature available for each of the articles and share your views.

Topstar celebrity magazine international Ltd has helped developing countries since 2013 to build their capacity to promote socio- cultural and develop economic values. The magazine’s popularity has grown, especially with its trilingual web version, which attracted thousands of new online readers. Readers have welcomed greater coverage of trade development trends, export success stories and views from Topstar celebrity magazine international experts and policy-makers, while still appreciating updates on TOPSTAR events, publications and services. Topstar’s clients gave the magazine Topstar celebrity magazine international in event’s 2018 client survey, as did an earlier online reader survey.

We have redesigned our magazine to connect the agenda of people in developing countries with decision makers around the world. We would like to extend our readership potential and gain greater influence in developed as well as developing modelling. Our aim is to inspire readers with new ways of thinking; promote greater awareness of issues affecting their job opportunities; and expand our audience to a new generation of models, fashion advocates and celebrities.

This issue looks at how models conscience is impacting on building patterns in movie industry around the world and how this presents both opportunities and challenges for today’s pagaents. Expert commentators from around the globe share their thoughts about ethical and environmental considerations, how to respond and how to win more model business. It also comes at an extraordinary time in world markets; a time when we need to be more aware than ever of acting trends and new opportunities; a time when we have an even greater role in communicating more clearly the route to export success.

Prince Okeke Chinemelu Godwin Esq.
Chief Executive Officer
TOPSTAR celebrity magazine International Ltd.