Unbearable: I was accused of human sacrifices and burying of human head in my altar. Ononye said this is My own suicide note…

According to them, that was my source of Power for prophecy and working of miracles.

My church was closed down, even my school of over 700 students was sealed by the government. The school children were frustrated, many employees became jobless. ..

My name was dragged to the mud, ignorant people made me a laughing stock. Enemies from Obosi, my own community fueled the saga. I was denied access to my wife and children. I even lost all my bank savings and was empty.

One Nwaze Francis and even the people I helped even wanted my life and I went into hiding just like the biblical Prophet Elijah. I was on news everyday, Imagine how my wife was booed in the market for what I did not commit.

Yet I did not commit suicide,
Why must you commit suicide?

Today the story has changed, God vindicated me. Even those that mocked us now celebrate us. Some of them are now my workers.

You don’t need suicide.

In 2010, the primate of the church of Nigeria Anglican communion stopped my ordination, 2 days to the ordination. But on the ordination Sunday, I led praises and worship in the cathedral not minding the embarrassment and disgrace.

I did not commit suicide,
Why must you commit suicide?

A panel headed by the Anglican Bishop of Asaba was set to investigate my ministry and write a report, for 9 good years, no report from the panel, no white paper from the primate. Ven Joseph Nweke even influenced the panel with gifts (bribe) to bury the report that favoured me.

Yet God decided to give me a higher ordination and a bigger ministry. My headquarters is now in Tel-Aviv, capital of Isra-el.

You don’t need suicide.

On a Wednesday, many years ago, I was getting ready for our faith clinic at the church, my son died at the hospital where we took him to for a medical treatment. We left his dead body at the hospital and continued with our faith clinic.

Neither I nor my wife committed suicide. .
Why must you commit suicide?

Today, we have 6 wonderful Children to the glory of God.

You don’t need suicide. ..

I did not commit suicide even when Afoma Ogbogu was used to accuse me of rape, I did not even bother to deny it because I knew it wasn’t necessary since God Himself is aware that it is not true.

Today where is she?

If I keep telling you my bitter life experiences, you will understand that I did not just get where I am today, I paid the price.

Do not commit suicide.
Pay the price, carry your cross and wear the crown later.
I am a living testimony.
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May God bless you in Jesus name.
Amen. Ephrem ononye