Unbelievable: Don’t mock barren women because their God is not Sleeping…. See what second wife did to a first wife

A man married two wives, the first wife was barren while the second wife had six beautiful girls.
The seconds wife always mock the first about her predicament, “Look at her, Barren woman! You will soon pack your load and leave, your God has failed you”! She will taunt the poor woman.

After so many years of childlessness, God finally answered the first wife and she gave birth to a boy, her husband was so happy because finally his family has been blessed with a son
But the second wife was jealous! “My husband is paying too much attention to that boy” let me kill him!!!

She went to a herbalist and the herbalist gave her three big snakes, “When you get home, command the snakes to go and strangle the boy to death but make sure that boy is alone” the herbalist told her.
She got home in the night and she saw the boy sleeping alone, she slowly opened the door and command the snakes to devour the boy.. She left to the next village.

The snakes crawled to where the boy was but once they got closer to him, the saw two angels with flaming sword! So the snakes crawled out and went straight to were the second wife’s daughters room.

The following morning, when she got back, she saw the first wife crying with people crying outside, she said to herself “That useless boy must be dead”
“What happened she asked”

The first wife replied, three big snakes was found in your daughters room and they strangled 5 of your daughters to death, your eldest daughter is in the hospital, it was my son that saved her!!

The second wife started crying!!! “It was!! It was my doing!! I was the one that sent the snakes!! But what happened???!! It must be your God!!!!.

Brethren listen to this prayer! Every evil doer In your family will face the wrath of God!! Every evil snakes that has been sent to your life will go back to the sender IN JESUS mighty name.