Unbelievable: Justice termed Injustice by the Adulterous women 👬 and the way forward…

Ndishi is a spiritual being seen only by those who violated the tradition of marital fidelity. The tradition is as old as Enugu-Ezike instituted by Ezike Oba himself before he died.
The tradition is binding on every child of Enugu-Ezike. It revolves around having extra-marital affairs with another man’s wife or even an obvious intention to do so through kissing or having your hand across the waist of another man’s wife which is seen as synonymous with sex.
Once a lady’s pride price is paid, she cannot for any reason have an affair with another man other than her husband.
A widow is forbidden to have an affair while inside her late husband’s house or risk the death of her first son. If she wants to do such a thing she must be relocated to another house. If she gets tired and wants to come back to her late husband’s house, she will confess to her escapades, appease the gods and then return after a cleansing ceremony.
An Enugu-Ezike man is forbidden to have a sexual relationship with another man’s wife. Such acts attract the wrath of Ndishi and are highly punishable.
A married woman is forbidden to make a monetary donation or contribution to her family or any other person without the knowledge of her husband or risk being arrested by Ndishi.
A married woman while taking her bath cannot answer a call from another man except her husband.
It is against Ndishi to knock on the door of a married woman when she is alone in the room or house.
The gods are appeased to avert death, madness, delayed labour, pulling out of the person’s tongue or stiffing of the neck.
The process begins with an open confession of the man or woman stating all parties to the crime as well as the number of times involved. A handful of sand is raised and thrown into the air to show they are uncountable.
After the confession, rituals are performed with goat, yam, kola nut and palm wine to appease the gods. The woman forfeits to the Onyishi the clothes including the inner wears which she wore on the day she committed the act.
It must be pointed out that Ndishi will kill the man instead of the wife if a man discovers the infidelity in his wife and keeps quiet, sleeps with her or eats her food. Men when they suspect their wives will be enchanting “Ndishi Nso” to plead their innocence and ignorance to Ndishi and equally seek his protection.
A man whose wife was caught by the Ndishi spirit stays away when the wife is making her confessions. The news is normally relayed to him through his sisters. Equally, he cannot partake in the items used in appeasing the gods.
For emphasis, men are allowed to keep mistresses but should have no extra-marital dealings with a married woman. This idea has been a subject of debate but in my opinion, I think it is because men can marry more than one wife at a time but a woman cannot marry more than one husband at a time.
The phenomenon of Ndishi is seen as a good omen by some people who believed that women in view of the loss of moral values and recourse to loose lifestyles would have gone to the extent of sleeping around without batting an eyelid. For the obvious fact that once you do a public confession, your dignity has gone forever has made so many people to think deeply of the implications before engaging in an immoral act………….
Let’s respect this our culture and continue to enjoy true blood lineage of our ancestors
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