Unbelievable: There is high rate of human ritual for searching for money, This is balogun street in Oshodi Lagos State where a man  killed and butchered his fiance in a gruesome way.

He had already cut off the lady’s head, breasts, and her intestines. He did all these for money and spiritual powers in accordance to Ritual Proceedings , but he was caught early yesterday morning at about 4:50 a m when he was trying to dispose the corpse of the innocent lady.

The man was beaten to stuppor and was later handled off to the Nigerian Police Force where his currently cooling off in one of the cells in police station. Watch the videos and confirm it yourself. May God continue to guide us and keep us away from harm and Evil people.
Jesssss….. What a wicked world. People can be heartless. Pls my people fake pastors and powers are almost everywhere around you. People always go for miracle, signs and wonders at d same time endangering themselves, because you don’t know d kind of Evil powers they use in manipulating people. Everyone should b mindful of these new generational churches. That pastor needs to b killed so as to serve as deterrent to other Evil ones.. May God help us all.