Very Important: *Information, Directives & instructions to All TopStar Project Fame Star’s Contestants: Send your Personal Pre-Audition Performance Videos.* PPPV to 07034065136 via WhatsApp

You are expected and directed to Record with your Phone sharp camera or any sharp camera in a good background or environment.. Record a good live freestyle videos as many as you can, at least (3) Three different Long videos as soon as possible and send them to us through this WhatsApp number 07034065136 so that TopStar company will upload it on it’s YouTube channels, websites and social media channels to showcase your talents to the world to prove that you have the capacity to contest for the TopStar Project Fame “Stars” 2020 Talent Hunt competition YouTube Reality Show.

Note it must be your own Acting work, music, dance, Sound track, preferably or alternatively any One you can perform well, if you are contesting for One or two talents under for these talent categories.

1. Acting Talent
2. Music Talent
3. Dancing Talent
4. Comedy Talent

This is to enable any individual, your fans, people and any companies who may have interest on your freestyle Performances to assess your talents, skills and to see reasons to Vote, sponsors and support you.

Note that our company is not going to pay you for such recorded video or videos or damage or lost or liability or cost you may in cure on this process but we will help you to create awareness campaign of you talent and/or talents through our YouTube channels adverts.

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