When we started in 2014, we told you so many things about what he can do and what he is capable of doing. We told you he will not be ignored on the floor of the Senate. We told you that his VOICE will be heard even much more louder. We told you that he will always get fully involved on issues that concerns our senatorial zone. Very important and much more significant is that fact we told you that he will be a SENATOR FOR THE ENTIRE IGBO LAND.


In just less than 4 months down the line, he has manifestly indicated his mission and thereby changing the dynamics of rules of engagement. His presence has snowballed the South East back into the realm of topical issues in the Nigeria’s 8th Assembly.

It is hitherto a record braking thus, that his 3 months in the Senate has recorded 1 motion, 1 cosponsored bill, and he is just starting.

ON IGBO AGENDA, sometimes I asked my self. Where are the locations of the South Eastern Rail lines…? Do you know that none of those Rail Lines passed through Anambra State and not to talk of his Senatorial zone but he made it a priority because its affecting our people. Today, nobody ignores him, everyday in the Senate, over 95% of his constituents are happy by just sighting him, well seated and doing exactly what the SOCIAL CONTRACT DEMANDS.

That’s the Senator we told you. That is the man who is simply a political catalyst that will orchestrate a significant difference in legislative representation in this country.