Why Cheating in marriages is in high Alarming! Why men and women cheat

  1. Poverty can cause it , maybe during friendship things were going well but as they got married things change , hardship and poverty leads many married woman to cheat on their husbands in order to look good like other women’s .

2 . The man may not be satisfying her martially and sexually and she wants to get it elsewhere , she can cheat on her husband too .

  1. A woman who never loved her husband but just married him bcuz she wanted someone to take her responsibility and at atime the man is not meeting up to her needs , such woman denied her husband the right of sex at his own wish unless he offer her something meaningful before he touch her .
  2. All those women who marriage for the purpose of someone to take care of their responsibility sleeps around with men when their husbands is not meeting up to their needs , they didn’t see marriage as commitment but as means of income and been taking care of by their husbands .
  3. Most ladies who didn’t have any means of income who depends on their man/boyfriend double date secretly bcuz only one man can’t meet up their needs and even if they get married they will still be cheating bcuz a liability girlfriend or wife is a poor minded woman and very bad development . When a woman who is selfish and greedy marry she can never be satisfied or contented with what her husband provide for her bcuz she doesn’t have any income of herself unless she give her body and get small money for upkeep .

6 . Some are just nature ,they don’t do it when they were younger but getting old they wants to do it . Sometimes we don’t blame men but if we do , it means that men who are cheating on their wife’s their their wife’s is the reason why their husbands cheat too

From experience, most men don’t joke with their family especially by thier mum even if they are married to you, but so many women are not in good terms with their husbands family, it irritates most men thereby making them cheat.

There’s something to pick from this post but some women will not see it. Before u start saying “a man will cheat no matter what you do”. What about you, have u even put any efforts at all to keep ur man or husband?

Mistakes women make. Just because you’re now married to him doesn’t mean u should stop doing those things that were getting him attracted to you. Never stop doing those things that made him like/love u. Its never over.

The way u dress, those dresses u used to wear. U marry no mean say u no go wear trousers again, keep wearing them. Buy body spray and perfume. Smell nice 😊. Still dey package yourself. It’s never over.

Be playful, don’t be boring. Those things u guys used to do when u were hanging out. Remember those things and bring dem back. It’s never over!