Gov Obiano of Anambra State pays a working visit to Coscharis Farms, one of the makers of Anambra Rice, in Anaku…

Determined to make Anambra the number one State in Rice Farming, Gov Obiano just visited Coscharis Farms, Anaku in Ayamelum local government area of the State to see the level of mechanization and assess their readiness to apply irrigation which will ensure rice production all year round.

With the installation of a N2.8bn irrigation system, when completed, this farm will become Nigeria’s most sophisticated give farms covering all the rice production value chain.

Enjoy these exclusive pictures and feel why I’m Proudly Onye Anambra! Passionate Ever Hard Working Elected Leader of the Igbo Nation, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano this afternoon is on inspection of Coscharis Farms Anaku in Ayamelum Local Government Area of Anambra State. He is on inspection and verification of the facilities this great son of the Igbo Nation Chief Cosmas Maduka is putting on the ground.
Chief Maduka was able to narrate briefly on how his journey to own a farm in Anambra State started about 27 years ago when the passionate and committed son of the Igbo Nation, Spiritual leader of APGA and Ogilisi Igbo Nation, High Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka brought him to Anaku to invest in an agricultural venture.
Chief Maduka of Coscharis Farms Anaku could not access the land to start any meaningful agricultural project until about 4 years ago when the Ever Hard Working Elected Leader of the Igbo Nation, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano took power and enabled a few infrastructural needs and resolved a few security problems that Coscharis Farms faced abinitio.
The story changed from then on, now Coscharis Farms Anaku is the future of rice production in Nigeria and has started the process of three times a year rice yield and harvesting that will fully take off by next year.
Thanks to the Almighty God that gave Ndi Igbo a Son that is passionate about changing the economic destiny of our people.
Once more, my hand is on my chest because the future is green for Ndi Anambra in all areas.
Today, the Ever Hard Working Elected Leader of the Igbo Nation has a hands on deck approach to all investments that are in Anambra in making sure that they have the right atmosphere all round to reach their expected peak and give employment opportunities to Ndi Anambra and of course pay their taxes.
I am excited about the possibilities in my State within the next few years.
This is equally an opportunity for Nigerians to answer the clarion call, come back to Anambra and invest, your rewards are secure. It is so because we have an involved elected leader that understands what it is to invest.
Anambra today is the best investment destination in Nigeria, we have everything prepared in advance as to make the easy and smooth.
APGA is in charge, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano is working