Women and men should learn from this. Wise and intelligent Girls wouldn’t be into this mess. Parents should guide with understanding not to create war.

Please kindly help a sister who is in pain. I’m 24, my guy is 26. My relationship of 4yrs with a Muslim guy has broken all in the name of religion barrier.. We’ve had a lot of investment together which he’s ready to forfeit just because his Dad is not in support of we getting married, His Dad vowed if he should ever marry a Christian that he will disown him and his other siblings. I got to know all this after the third abortion I did for him of which when I took in for him the 2nd time it was revealed to me never to abort by 4 different persons that if at all I’ve done such I should ensure I marry the man I aborted for which he was aware of but we didn’t heed to the instruction. This year Jan, i took in for him again only for him to say I must have to abort it, I begged and begged him that we have all it takes to survive, different properties we’ve both acquired, we have the money to sustain us but he refused…. He forced me to use the drugs he bought for me that’s how the third abortion happens… After two weeks has passed he started mis behaving, I asked why he is maltreating me, Then he opened up that his Dad won’t be in support of we both getting married….. His family knows me in person and I’ve always been giving them money whenever the need arises and they have never for once told me their son won’t marry me….

His Elder brother invited me that his brother discussed with him about we both getting married then he said in Islam it is not acceptable to marry a Christian that’s how I narrated all what I’ve been told in the past to him and he’s still insisting we can’t get married that God will provide a better man for me that on behalf of the family I should forgive his younger brother so that Allah can forgive him so he finds happiness and peace…To Forgive and let go off him isn’t the problem, but the revelation that has been revealed to me in the time past which he’s aware of is my fear. Please what advice can you give me cos I’m really disturbed in mind. #Insult is very much allowed.


1)Firstly,You are a dormy for aborting series of pregnancies for a man,yet u expect him to marry u. The first one might be a mistake but mistakes repeated consistently is no longer a mistake but foolishness.
No man will ever marry a woman who has aborted series of abortion for him.

2)Secondly: There is nothing like “one will of God” in marriage. Meaning God didn’t create any particular person for u to marry.
You are are liberty to marry who u love/like and whom u know u can live comfortably with.
Question: If God created one particular person for us to marry,wat about people who die before they arrive the stage of marriage,does it means the Person God created for them won’t marry someone else?
Wat about people whose wife die and they remarried,does it means dy married a wrong wife before? SELAH.
1corin7:39 says you are at liberty to marry WHO EVER YOU WILL,but ONLY IN THE LORD. Meaning u can marry whom u wish to marry but it must be a Christian. That’s the Meaning of only in the lord.

ADVICE:Even though we av power of choice as to who to marry,but your choices must be inline with the word of God and purpose of God for Ur life. Hence,Leave the guy,coz he isn’t Meant for u.